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Female 53 y.o.

Had colonoscopy on Sunday 3rd Nov 2019, aged 51, after waiting 9 weeks from seeing my GP for the second time. It took 3 weeks to see the registrar at the hospital to be told it was urgent and I would have the colonoscopy within 2 weeks - another 6 weeks later following lots of chasing and having bad diarrhea 15 times a day, I eventually had a colonoscopy! The colonoscopy was aborted as they couldn’t get past the tumour in my sigmoid colon. I was told it was almost certainly cancer and that I would be operated on within 3 weeks and would have an MRI scan and CT scan prior to the operation and there would also be a team meeting to decide what was needed the following Thursday. I was also to go to A &E if my symptoms worsened. Ended up in serious pain and in A&E on Thursday - arranged CT scan for following day, (MRI scan already booked for Sunday). After a day in hospital was given the choice of staying overnight or coming back the next day, so came back the next day. Told bowel nearly completely blocked and was cancer and to come back if symptoms worsened. By the Monday I was in serious pain. Spoke to colorectal nurse who spoke to the cancer surgeon and was told to go back to A&E. Given a bed on a ward on 11th November. MRI scan results on 13th November - told my bowel was completely blocked and they would operate that day! Part of colon removed, (anterior resection), together with appendix and temporary Ileostomy. pT3N1b with EMVI. Operation successful and had been contained to bowel, (originally thought to be T4). 3 lymph nodes out of 25 affected. Post operation internal collection - extremely ill. Eventually procedure by radiologist to remove the internal puss, (they don’t work weekends so I really went downhill). Discharged after 3.5 weeks only to be re-admitted a couple of days later with the collection having come back. Another procedure which was delayed and only eventually happened after my friend’s sister intervened- could have ended up with sepsis but luckily I was ok. Discharged on 16th December with drain still attached after 5 weeks in hospital. Drain removed on 23rd December. Chemo started 13th Jan 2020. Started on CAPOX but serious diarrhea after day 3 of tablets - sent to A&E after ringing emergency number. Oncologist changed CAPOX to FOLFOX but now 6 months of treatments as opposed to the original 3 months, (but only 5 cycles of oxaliplatin planned which I completed). However the rest of my treatment stopped after 5 treatments due to coronavirus, (had 6 more to go).
May/June 2020 passing wind despite having an Ileostomy- recommended colonoscopy
03.07.20 - colonoscopy aborted due to faecal impaction
22.07.20 - water soluble contrast enema :x:-ray - confirmed join was good
23.08.20 - colonoscopy with enemas to remove faecal impaction. Faeces the size of a tennis ball removed manually and residual faeces in ascending colon and sigmoid colon washed out
30.08.20 - admitted to hospital for 4 days - possible collection/ovarian cyst 10x7x6cm, CT scan showed NED
17.09.20 - Ileostomy reversal cancelled today due to consultant viewing MRI scan (was meant to be tomorrow)
21.09.20 - re-admitted to hospital for 4 days due to high temperature and pelvic pain, suspected bowel perforation and collection, (no longer thought to be an ovarian cyst). CT scan, (with gastrogrifin enema), showed the collection had disappeared after antibiotics and luckily there was no perforation. Told by consultant that I was now ready for the reversal.
12.10.20 - another water soluble enema :x:-ray to check there were definitely no perforations. Passed yet more stool. Can’t believe there’s anything left after all the enemas I’ve had together with manual evacuation and nearly a year on! Hopefully my Bowel is now clear. (All as a result of original emergency surgery due to blocked Bowel). Verbally told that initial view of the :x:-ray appeared good with no apparent leaks.
Ileostomy reversal 20.11.20.
Discharged 25.11.20
Re-admitted 27.11 20 with high temperature and generally feeling unwell. Ileus with blockage at stoma site. Cleared following nil by mouth for 36 hours.
30.11.20 discharged
2.12.20 collection beneath wound, about a cup of puss and blood poured out of wound, prescribed antibiotics. Daily visit to GP and checkup at hospital. 12.12.20 wound nearly stopped oozing!
5 weeks post op - doing well. Still passing bowel movements several times a day but improving.
Aug 21 feeling back to my old self self. Average bowel movements- twice a day