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I had a high anterior resection on 19th Jan 2017 following a colon cancer diagnosis around mid December. The surgery was described by my surgeon as "curative" which is a good thing, I think.
I'm due to begin chemo later this month - March - after one of thirteen nodes removed was found to be cancerous.
I think it's fair to say that despite the fairly good prognosis I've been through a kind of hell and I'm (a little) ashamed to say I coped with this by self medicating with lots of rose wine.
The funny thing is, since surgery, I seem to have gone off most alcohol, bar the odd glass of Prosecco, which I enjoy so that's one good thing to emerge. Another is realising what fabulous friends and family I have, especially my lovely husband, Paul, who's looked after me amazingly.
On a personal level, I have four grown up children who, between them have made me a grannie of eight. My best friend lives next door to me and she has been a tower of strength and we have three cats.
I began Folfox at the end of March '17. To be honest, I didn't have a bad time, once they'd adjusted the meds and at first it seemed plain sailing but in June I became ill with gastroenteritis and after that my bloods never seemed to be right. In all, my treatment was deferred five times then after the eighth cycle they decided to stop it because my white cell count continued to be low.
I had a scan at the end of October and am awaiting, with trepidation, my results, which I should receive this Thursday, 30th November. That will make it a year since I started this awful ride.
My scan results showed that there is a nodule on my spleen, highly unlikely, according to my surgeon and my oncologist, that it is cancer, but I'm to have a CT scan in Feb to monitor it. Can't help but be anxious, though.
I’ll be getting the results of my scan tomorrow, 20th March.
Unfortunately, when I went for my appointment with Mr. David Watson at Salford Royal my results werent yet ready.
Friday 23rd March, my Colorectal nurse rang me at work with the great news that my scan showed that I was all clear, lungs, bones, spleen, everything and my CEA was good. I feel so grateful and am going to concentrate on my health starting on Monday. (Been celebrating!)
I’ve had a further all clear in February 2019 and was told I had gallstones. Gallstones I can cope with, I think.
I’ve semi retired from work, meaning I do a 3 day week which is great. Life is as good as it can be on a slightly reduced salary (that wasn’t great to begin with) but it’s all, and more, than I was wishing for when I was first diagnosed.
November’21. I’m now retired, thank God. I was beginning to feel like a spare part in the office so I’m happy now.
I’ve just had my third colonoscopy which was clear apart from diverticulitis which is fine. I had my CEA test which came up below one and I think I have a CT scan coming up but it’s difficult to keep up with these days.