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Male 40 y.o.

January 2019
Admitted to hospital via A&E after passing blood, with no other prior symptoms. Diagnosed with Stage 2 Bowel Cancer.

February 2019
Bowel and rectum successfully removed via laparoscopic panproctocolectomy, following diagnosis of FAP. 48No. lymph nodes removed, and all found to be clear. Stage 2 cancer confirmed, T3 N0 M0.

January 2020
Recurrence of cancer in a lymph node detected after bloods analysis showed a problem with my kidney score. Fitted with a temporary nephrostomy to prevent subsequent kidney damage being caused by a swollen lymph node.

March 2020
Laparotomy and resection of right lateral pelvic recurrence, resection of right internal iliac artery, vein and right ureter, psoas hitch and repair of bladder. Advised that removal of lymph node and associated cancer-clearance was successful.

November 2020
CT scan identified "subtle abnormalities" in my lung.

December 2020
Diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer as a result of "abnormalities" in my lung during a recent CT scan.

January 2021
Lung mets confirmed via PET scan. "Hotspots" found in stoma and in pelvis; may be nothing or sign of disease returning.

February 2021
Appointment with Oncologist, advised that cancer is not curable. Moving onto chemotherapy (Folfox via PICC line) as part of disease-control plan, as surgical intervention is not possible. Oncology outlook was quite sobering.

March 2021
Sigmoidoscopy to examine ileostomy found a stricture that it is suspected to be due to something external to the bowel pressing upon it. Biopsies taken of bowel. No obvious sign of intraluminal tumour recurrence.

12No.cycles of Chemotherapy (Folfox) began.

June 2021
Halfway point of treatment. CT scan showed things to be "stable". Tumour markers continue to trend downwards. Further 6No. cycles to go.

August 2021
12No. cycles of Folfox completed. Awaiting CT scan and subsequent oncology appointment.

September 2021
Neuropathy in fingers, feet and calves has kicked in heavily after my last cycle despite oxaliplatin being removed from the mix, and the 2No. final doses being reduced.

CT scan shows that everything's "stable". PICC line removed. Awaiting blood and further oncology consultation to determine future plans.