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Female 961 y.o.

This bowel cancer is my third cancer in 10 years (the other two were vaginal cancer). I am married to a lovely man and we have a married daughter and little grandson we adore age 20 months. We are a very close family also very close to my sister and nephews. I am very blessed with my family and friends and would not get through these jpurneys without them!
At present I am waiting for bowel surgery, for which I am classed as very high risk as I have been on steroids for 31 years for Rheumatoid Arthritis so very immune suppressed. I cannon have radiotherapy as have had my full qoata five years ago! I will need a permanent stoma as my bowel is very damaged from prevous radiotherapy.
I am pleased I can have surgery but the anaethetist was fab and very straight talking, he said the period after surgery and the recovery is going to be very slow and not at all easy, I will have lots of challenges and need to be aware of that. If there is anyone else out there who has been in a similar situation please can you let me know how it went for you? Appreciate all the support this site offers. Good luck everyone.