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Sept 2019 I had some abdo pain which resolved after 5-6 hours. Thought it was wind. Further episode in mid October which sent me to GP.
22nd Oct had bloods taken and I -HB 84. Appt to see GP who referred to colorectal clinic on 2 week rule.
11th Nov colonoscopy/ biopsy advised strong suspicion of cancer in colon- hepatic flexture.
Stage 2/3 adenocarcinoma- no spread. For right hemicolectomy- hopefully keyhole with no stoma after iron transfusions x2.
31/12/19 Laparoscopic R Hemicolectomy
6/1/20 Discharged from hospital. Quick uneventful recovery which I think was due to the exercise regime I had prior to surgery.
15/1/20 Histology T3N1M0 Clear margins EMVI neg/one lymph node with C cells Appt for Onc arranged.
10/2/20 - beg May 20 Completed 4 cycles of Oxaliplatin/Capecitabine.
20/5/20 Post Chemo CT scan - Clear scan
24/8/20 CT scan-review lung nodules - no change
12/11/20 CT no change lung nodules 😊