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Female 61 y.o.

After some changes in bowel habits over a few months and a little bleeding and cramping, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer on February 7th 2019. It presented as a 6.6cm tumour with one or two lymph node involvement. I completed a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy over 5 weeks and a trial of immunotherapy. My scans showed an excellent response to the treatments. I had my APR surgery on July 22nd, was fitted with a new stoma (Rosebud) and then the pathology reports indicated they had 'got it all'. I'm now part of a study involving circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) run by Johns Hopkins in the USA (I don't have any of that) so I am not receiving any treatment right now, instead of the standard chemo tablets for three months in an attempt to determine if they medicate people when it is actually not necessary. I will be carefully monitored via scans and blood tests though.

March 18 2020 6 monthly CT scan picked up a fuzzy area near the colonoscopy at the mesoteric area but a follow up PET scan determined this was insignificant.

December 2, 2020 I had a colonoscopy and a colonography which showed all clear with no signs of polyps or anything untoward, except a small hernia.

March 4 2021 Results of A CT scan last week and bloods and all clear again! 20 months cancer free!

May 4 2021 Blood test is clear so still NED!

March 15 2022 Blood test still clear so NED again! Scans upcoming in July. I already know that I now have a LARGE hernia.