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Oct 2012 - My husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer when aged 55.
Nov 2012 - Bowel resection operation Dukes C T3N1 (2 out of 20) followed by Folfox chemo Feb to Aug 2013
Jan 2016 - Wedge lung resection at Stoke - confirmed Feb spread of bowel cancer
March 2016 - Liver resection (NAR) at Bham - confirmed spread of bowel cancer but not clear margin CEA before liver op 9.7
July 2017 - CT shows mets in liver & lungs again
Aug 2017 - started 5FU, Irinotecan and Cetuximab via PICC
July 2018 - finished 21 :x: Folfiri/Cetuximab treatments
Aug 2018 onwards - the Oncologist stopped Irinotecan - so just Cetuximab/Folinic acid/5FU.

Oct 2018 - Picc line changed to Hickman line due to Cetuximab skin problems with the picc line dressings

I have now been trained to deal with C's Hickman Line myself so no need for District nurse visits or to travel to the chemo unit at our County Hospital. I disconnect the 5FU chemo pump and flush the line as well as take the fortnightly blood samples and drop them off at our local hospital Haematology Unit. Although a bit scary at first we find it gives us back some control over our lives and saves an awful lot of time - no travelling or waiting round.

CT Sept 2019 - still tiny lung nodule unchanged for two years - otherwise stable appearances, no evidence of measurable disease

1 cycle break from treatment 8 Oct 2019

31/12/19 - got called in to chemo ward on NYE an hour after blood tested at local hospital as magnesium level had dropped extremely low - infusion needed asap

1 cycle break from treatment 12 March 2020

6 monthly CT scan - March 2020, "no evidence of measurable metastatic disease" (although lung nodule was still there according to June 2020 scan report)

March/July 2020 - due to the threat of Coronavirus the Oncologist stopped treatment. Hickman line was to be removed to reduce chances of infection but :x: ray too busy with Covid so couldn’t book it in.

June 2020 - CT scan report all OK apart from the lung nodule which is now 14mm. Referral made to lung surgeon.

July 2020 - talked to Oncologist and agreed to keep the NHS Cetuximab funding by restarting treatment using the 'Covid break' clause - apparantly stopping for potential lung surgery is not allowed. C asked to add in Irinotecan for a few cycles as well to hit it as hard as he could and the Oncologist agreed. Still waiting to hear from lung surgeon just in case suitable for ablation which should be allowed under funding rules.

Sept 2020 - 5 cycles after Covid break CT scan showed lung nodule reduced from 14mm to 8mm so C asked to continue with added Irinotecan to hopefully reduce it further before the next CT scan in December.

Nov 2020 - After just over two years Hickman line removed and 3 day hospital stay due to infection. Line had snagged on a drawer handle and loosened the cuff a few weeks previously. Picc line fitted a week later

Jan 2021 - stable CT - paused Irinotecan, continuing with 5FU, Calcium Folinate & Cetuximab

Apr 2021 - CT - lung nodule now slightly changed from 8 to 9mm otherwise OK.

Aug 2021 - lung ablation/missed one chemo cycle

Sept 2021 - CT - difficult to see around lung ablation area but everywhere else appears OK

Oct 2021 - missed one cycle due to chest infection/overnight in A&E

Dec 2021 - CT - dodgy looking area around lung ablation which is being investigated but everywhere else still appears OK

March 2022 - CT - area around ablation op shrinking as it should - two small (unchanged) kidney stones but everywhere else appears OK

Up to 19 May 2022 - 131 treatments in total since 2013 including 107 Cetuximab cycles

Latest CEA May 2022 - 2.4 (Jan 2.4, 2.3, Feb 2.3, 2.0, March 2.0, 2.4, April 2.4, 2.6, May 2.7)