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Colonoscopy 25th September 2017-4 polypi removed.
Rectosigmoid cancer found
Awaiting CT scan(1st October) ,MRI (6th October)and biopsy results.
GP said my blood test came back as normal (29th September 2017).
Clinician meeting on Monday 16th Oct.
Given a T3 staging but the N and M are still unclear(either 1 or 2 and 1 or 0 respectively) due to something suspicious seen in the pelvic area.
To start chemo radiation soon (a couple of weeks)after a meeting with oncologist to discuss treatment.
Oncologist meeting arranged for 1/11/17.Due to cancellation/nearing 60 day deadline meeting brought forward to 25th October.
30th October starting 5 weeks chemo/radiotherapy.Finished Dec.1st 2017.
29/1/18 CT scan
1/2/18. MRI scan
Various appointments all come flying through the door at the same time (like waiting for a bus)
12/2/18 Meeting with clinician .14/2/18. Pre-Op assessment.20/2/18 Another Pre-op including bike tests
16/3/18 Meeting with Oncologist(cancelled due to future non surgery).
Also received a letter asking to partake in a nationwide clinical trial called Prepare ABC .It is a study to see if exercise training before and after surgery improves recovery.
Good response(graded as a 2) from previous treatment .Surgery booked for 22nd February.
Surgery didn't go to plan.Everything started off ok but half an hour in the operating theatre I went in to anaphylactic shock.Blood pressure dropped to 30,all over swelling and pink rash.Took 20 minutes to stabilise after adrenaline given. Bloods taken and referred to the RVI immunology dept to determine cause of the anaphylaxis.Spent the day in critical care but back home the next day armed with 3 days of steroids.What a operation but pleased to still be here!
21/3/18 Allergy tests at the RVI.Penicillin drugs allergy found after investigations(12 skin/prick tests in both lower arms to the different drugs administered at my previous non surgery.
29/3/18 Surgery booked in again๐Ÿคž.30cm of rectum/colon removed and have stoma,hopefully temporary.
6/4/18. Back home from hospital.Longest week ever but everything went well.Had an infection probably from the drain hole (crp was 280) but happily discharged after crp fell to 150 armed with a weeks worth of antibiotics .
13/4/18 No Black Friday for me..nurse specialist just called to tell me that results of biopsies were in and complete response..Dukes A..T1 N0 Mx..Happy Days๐Ÿ˜€.
26/4/18 Received actual histology report ypT0 pN0 and no extramural vascular invasion.None of the 16 nodes involved and a complete pathological response.
31/5/18 Gastrografin
18/6/18 scan results of bowel join ...all good so full steam ahead for reversal,provisionally booked for 9/7/18 but nothing definite.
Reversal date changed to 3/9/18 due to Surgeons workload priorities.Fair enough.
18/7/18 1st bloods taken and all apparently normal.CEA is 2 although I have no idea of any previous CEA readings
3/9/18 Stoma reversal
5/9/18 discharged from hospital. Wiped out for a couple of days at home but recovering well now; just hope the toilet visits 'lessen' but it's early days.
4/10/18 CEA 1.4
18/12/18 Had flex sigmoidoscopy to check on minor rectal bleeding (gp referral) .Found diverculitis (knew I had that anyway) plus a bit bleeding at bowel join site.But no recurrence found..phew ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป. Surgeon to review later.
14/1/19 CEA 1.1
18/3/19 CEA 1.1
9/4/19 1st Year Colonoscopy done.All looking good apart from a 5mm polyp seen (looked benign)but doctor unable to find again as it just disappeared? Will have another colonoscopy in a years time to check otherwise would have been 3 years till next one.
25/4/19 CT scan.9/5/19 scan results arrive in the post and all looking normal.Can finally book that holiday now !
23/9/19 CEA 1.3
9/12/19 CEA. 1.4
8/8/20 CEA 1.4
9/2/21. Colonoscopy.All good.
Well the good news didn't last long.Diagnosed on 3/6/21 with advanced prostate cancer.
Only found out after a GP appointment for a sore left 'nut' in May after it hadn't abated after 3-4 weeks;and blood tests subsequently found an abnormally high PSA of 107.
So the journey continues,albeit on a different pathway,and on an incurable prognosis aswell.
On the plus side my CEA came in at 2 so at least that is encouraging although the consultant(the bowel one) has been asked to look at dodgy nodes seen in the CT scan.
Not sure how to deal with having 2 cancers at the same time but I,m going to park that for now.
TBH...feel absolutely fine...finding it all a bit surreal.