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Diagnosed in August 2015 aged 40 after being in hospital on and off for 2 months whilst they argued over what the mass in my bowel actually was! August 2015 had a colostomy and then started on 12 sessions of oxi and panitubammab.
First scan showing tumour had shrunk and could be operated on.
3 months later after oncologist and surgeon had finished arguing, my tumour had regrown and the surgeon said he would never operate even if my tumour shrunk again and that I was to go away and live my life.
Hubby took me to Harley Street where I met a rather wonderful professor. He put me on folfiri and Avastin and after 14 sessions my tumour had shrunk from 26cm to 4cm and I had it removed in November 2016 together with a hysterectomy and reversal.
Scan results in January NED.
Professor wants me to have 12 more chemos - Avastin and 5fu. Should finish July 2017.
Scan results from May - I'm officially in remission (fingers crossed it stays that way)
July scan - all clear
October scan - all clear
January - all clear
April - all clear
July - scans and colonoscopy all clear
October - all clear
January 2019 - all clear
May 2019 - all clear
August - blood results - no issues. Scan arranged for November
November 2019 - all clear