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Just diagnosed with bowel cancer.
Dukes C T1 N1 M0
Still under surveillance after having radiotherapy for prostate cancer in which my PSA went from 11.9 to zero.
Now on yearly checkups.
Had a Myxoma (benign) removed from heart in 2014 at St George's Tooting plus a double bypass, operation took 10 hours.
Had 8 weeks rehabilitation.
All clear after 2 yearly checkups.
My symptoms for bowel cancer were uncomfortable stomache aches after toilet in the morning.
Had a stool sample, blood test,proctoscopy,which was negative.
Then had a colonoscopy which showed I had 7cm lesion 18cm from anal verge.
Test showed to be cancer.
Mri scan and Ct showed it hasn't spread to liver or lungs.
Now waiting for phone call for surgery date.
Had a rough couple of years but got to deal with this like the other two chapters.
Keep you in touch.
Good luck to all and god bless.

Surgery 28th July cancer removed ilieostomy bag with a chance of reversal
Left hospital on 3rd August rushed back in on 4th with blockage.
NG tube and no food for 8 days.
Blockage cleared and then fed Picc line for 3 days.
Left hospital and went for results of the operation.
Have1 lymph node out of 9 taken Which was cancerous.
Now waiting for Marsden appointment to discuss chemotherapy.
September 25th Marsden
Should have started treatment but put on hold for another week as I have had a mystery virus.
Was told would start Capox , but that has now charged to 6 months of Capecitabine due to my previous heart surgery.
Very pleased CT scan was all clear.
09/10/2017 Started Capecitabine for 6 months
Stopped Chemo for a week due to high Bilirubin level.
Had blood test still a little high but back on the sweeties 10 a day.
15/11/2017 Had ultra sound today liver a little fatty see the team on the 28th

27/02/2018 7th Cycle of Capecitabine started side affects have not been to bad.
Stopped for one week due to feet inflamed and dry and cracking, also finger tips and nails.
Mosturised twice a day.
After a week off chemo Capecitabine was reduced.
Finished 6 months of Capecitabine side affects were not as bad as I thought they would be.
Cracked finger nails and hands plus feet the same.
Got through two ton of moisturiser.
Back in June for tumour markers.
Tumour markers clear no cancer showing.
July Revesal on stoma to be done in September.
September 6 month scan /All clear
September 14th Reversal operation a success discharged after 4 days.
First day many rushes to next door,now arming myself with everything to make this next trip into the unknown.
After 8 weeks and bowels settling down and manageable got to get a 2 week holiday to Lanzarote.
4 hours flight so was padded up for extra security and had no problems.
Had just one mishap but was near a toilet and dealt with it comfortably.
Got another colonoscopy in December.