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My husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer which had spread to a few lymph nodes together with one liver met in May 2018. Chemo and radiotherapy was needed to try and shrink the tumours before they could operate as one of the lymph nodes was only a millimetre or so from his spine.

7 rounds of Folfox plus panitumumab followed.....should have been 6 but round 5 was cut short when he went into anaphylactic shock. Oxalaplatin was removed from the regime as that was deemed to be the culprit.

He then had a months break before starting 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy together with capecitabine.

Jan 2019 he was in Basingstoke having his liver resection and 13 weeks later a low anterior resection with loop ileostomy was carried out .

Having a stoma had always been one of his worst fears, even before diagnosis, but fortunately it was only temporary. The reversal took place in August 2019.

He was discharged from oncology before his bowel op even took place. I thought this was odd but apparently no mop up chemo was required. The liver surgery had gone well and the expectation was the same for the bowel resection, leaving him cancer free.

Since his bowel op he has suffered with so much pain around the stoma site. Initial thoughts were a hernia which would be dealt with during the reversal. However, apparently no hernia was found but he still suffers excruciating pain to this day. The colorectal team have not been able to find the cause of the pain, not they they tried very hard, and their only solution was a referral to the pain clinic.

December 2019 we received mixed news.......his colonoscopy was clear but the CT shows new tumours, one on his liver and two on the lungs

Feb/Mar 2020 6 cycles of Folfiri/panitumumab with good results, the liver resection can go ahead

June 20 - second liver resection took place in Basingstoke in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. It was awful having to just leave him at the door. Especially hard as I had just lost my eldest son at just 29 year's old. His funeral was 4 days before the op.

August 20 - lung resection at St George's up in London. Again, because of COVID just had to drop him at the door.

Again, post surgery, the decision was no further chemo. Just another CT scan 3 month's later.

Oct/Nov 20 - hubby continues to struggle with continual, often excruciating abdominal pain. He has a mass the size of a babies head around the stoma site, CT scan shows that there is in fact a hernia after all together with a huge amount of scar tissue. Put on waiting list for hernia surgery but told it "won't be any time soon" .

Feb 2021, CT scan and subsequent PET scan confirm spread throughout chest......pleura and mediastinal lymph nodes. Inoperable and incurable but possibly chemo/radiotherapy may be an option.

May 2021 started palliative chemo (Folfiri). Referred to the local hospice to help with symptom control and pain management.