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Female 55 y.o.

I was diagnosed with Reco Sigmoid Cancer on the 15th December 2017.

My treatment plan started on the 24th January 6 weeks Monday -Friday Chemo Radiation. All went relatively well, side effects were manageable, had burns to my bottom which had to be managed and developed an ulcer on my leg, but with the help of strong antibiotics it eventually cleared up.

Had a break, whilst letting the chemo and radiation continue their work.

MRI and CT scans in April showed a little shrinkage so operation date set for 24th May 2018.

Operation went well, although ended up as Hartman’s Procedure and now have permanent colostomy. T3N1M0 unfortunately the tumor has perforated my Bowel , making me high risk , so more chemo required. 6 months every two weeks 5FU and Oxaliplatin which started 24th July 2108.

It’s been a long long year, and my Daugnters Wedding in September is the one thing keeping me going at the moment :x:

Finished chemo, and it’s taking time for me to bounce back. I returned to work on the 25th Vebruary 2019 after 12 months off. I’m taking it slowly, phased, over the next 8 weeks.

So just as I am getting my head around the last year and returning to work, my post chemo CT showed Shadowing in the pelvis. Oncologist and Surgeon ‘think’ it’s post op changed but want me to have MRI which has been booked for 30th March. Thrown back into the sea of worry.

Awaiting results
Surgeons secretary called after a long 4 weeks wait to say no change since last MRI on my pelvis phew. Bloods taken and appointment in September

All has been going well although COVID had delayed a lot off my follow up appointments, had CT scan in November and just found out that a suspicious nodule has shown up and it’s been taken to MDT meeting 23/12/21 back into the sea off worry.

MDT want further investigation so PET SCAN 28.1.22

Could not go through with PET SCAN so clostrophobic so having a repeat CT SCAN 12.3.2022.

CT scan still showed growth in the small bowel Mesentery along with an enlarged kidney and uretha. No one would sedate me for a Pet Scan so 7.6.2022 appointment with consultant, she isn’t happy to leave things so stent to go into urethra, then surgery on the Mesentery and explore an area where clips were put in previous operation.

30.6.2022 into hospital. Was not expecting to wake from a 6 hour operation, open surgery, removed my appendix and overy and tubes, inserted a stent in kidney to bladder and removed the small mass. Lots of biopsies taken and sent for pathology so just a waiting game now to see if it was all scar tissue or something more sinister.

Four weeks post op and recovering well, received histology report, cancer in overy and tube and an area in abdomen. Need chemo again