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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in October. There was one tumour in the bowel and several in his liver. At the time he was told that the best option was to have chemo first with a view to shrinking the tumours for surgery. When asked about doing surgery first on the liver that was not an option as the liver was deemed inoperable and it delay chemo on the bowel . This has been his/our journey since :

1. Chemo started early November (5FU with Cetixumab). The day after chemo he collapsed at home and was rushed into hospital (with chemo pump still attached) where he underwent emergency bowel surgery with Hartmann procedure.

2. Restarted chemo a month after surgery and had a couple of difficult rounds.

3. February - told by oncologist that liver now operable and appointment arranged to pursue surgical route. Admitted to hospital with raging temperature and what turned out to be sepsis and a Covid 19 related virus (it was stressed it wasn't Covid19 but an earlier strain)

4. March - admitted to hospital for treatment on splenic aneurism and CT scan detected a nodule in the mesentery.

5. March - contracted Covid19 when in hospital and readmitted two days after discharge. Tests confirmed it was Covid19. Only in hospital for the day and then home to shield.

6. PET scan confirmed mesentery nodule and decision taken to cancel liver surgery and told no further treatment possible on liver other than chemo.

7. May 2020 Brought forward a house move and a new hospital where started on Capox regime (8 cycles) and hoping that SIRT will be possible to tackle liver.

8. Response to Capox - CEA markers reduced from 400+ to under 100 then recently increased by 20. My husband has largely coped well with Capox regime - just one slight delay and then a reduction in dosage of Capecitabine - which I understand is not unusual.

9.Waiting for results of MRI and CT scan.