Sarah Morgan

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Female 50 y.o.

Wife of Ian who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Oct 2016 & had surgery & 6 months of chemo.

May 2018 keyhole liver resection under Mr Jamdar at MRI, 6 night admission then discharge home. Post-op recovery complicated by wound infection.

June 2018 CT chest confirmed lung lesion & subsequent biopsy showed spread of bowel cancer to lung.

August 6 2018 keyhole lung wedge resection at Wythenshawe to remove colonic metastasis. Also excision of pleural nodules.

Nov 6 2018 follow-up scan and nearly 3 week wait for results. Sadly showing recurrence at liver resection margin & new disease in the omentum. PET scan confirmed CT scan findings. MDT decision to proceed to chemo for 3 months then re-scan. Fortunately Ian well in himself & going to try to work when able.

Dec 19 2018 cycle 1 Folfiri. Scan after 6 cycles showed essentially stable disease with minimal growth in the liver so plan to continue for a further 6 cycles.

July 9 2019 received scan results after a further 7 cycles. Disease in omentum has gone, liver stable & lung nodules very small at 2mm. Overall stable disease so Ian will have a treatment break over the summer.

Sept 2019 as expected after treatment break, some growth. Started on Lonsurf for better quality of life & less time at the hospital. Tolerated it ok but scan at end of Dec showed growth. Feel we made the wrong decision. Should have stayed on Folfiri.

Jan 2020 re-started Folfiri. Scan in early March shows some stability but marker lesion in liver shows continued growth so treatment stopped. Options running out & coronavirus has hit. On treatment break for 4 weeks. May then re-challenge with Folfox.

June 2020 since stopping treatment, 5 admissions & scan has shown growth. Now symptomatic of the cancer & fears he may not have long left. Symptom control is now main focus.

July 25 2020 Ian passed away peacefully at home today with me by his side. His deterioration was rapid & a blessing in the end as it was unbearable seeing him suffer.