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Female 57 y.o.

I am 54 and was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in December 2018 following a year of being told my symptoms were probably due to IBS. A bowel blockage finally led to me having a colonoscopy because my GP thought it might be diverticulitis.
Within 3 weeks I had surgery to remove 5cm tumour from colon and part of my rectum and I now have a temporary Ileosotomy.
Cancer cells were found in 1 lymph node so I am on 4 cycles of oxaliplatin plus capocitabine at The Christie.
Still dealing with the shock and my feelings fluctuate between anger, acceptance and determination.
Update: October 2019. I have now finished my treatment. Following chemotherapy I had to wait until August for my stoma reversal surgery which went okay.
As expected I now have fluctuating bowel habits and fluctuating moods!
Despite online forums and amazing family support I have felt quite isolated during my experience and wish I knew other people with bowel cancer. I would like to set up a local network and a buddy system so that new patients can meet other bowel cancer patients face to face from their 1st hospital visit onwards.