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March - Moderate discomfort in the lower right abdomen.

12th April- GP sent me to A&E for suspected appendicitis. CT showed a mass on the bowel and liver. Had further CT of thorax, tiny lung nodule seen, to be watched, but it never changed going forward.

23rd April - Colonoscopy confirmed a tumour in my ascending colon. Told me it was obvious it was cancer.

May 17th - Right Hemicolectomy, thankfully stoma was avoided.

May 3rd - MRI of liver

June 3rd - Diagnosis - T4N2M1 - 14/23 nodes positive - poorly differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma of right ascending colon. Tumour 3cm :x: 1cm. Liver and 2 retroperitoneal nodal mets, right femur met. RAS mutant, no MSI. DPD deficient.

June 15th - PET Scan

1st July - PICC line put in.

2nd July - Started chemo, 6 months of FOLFOX every other week.

7th July - Large blood clot from elbow to shoulder in PICC arm. Was put on long-term blood thinners.

11th August - Oncologist told me, they suspect I have metastasis in my right femur, liver cysts that might also be active (as I have mucinous adenocarcinoma) and FDG avid retroperitoneal nodes, they can only now offer me palliative chemo going forward and referred me for counselling. The oncologist did not think further checks on the femur or liver cysts were necessary even though we wanted them, we didn't get them.(Devastated and went into shock)

13th August - Husband was so worried about me that he took me to our GP. I had an :x:-ray of my femur which was looked at by a highly rated radiologist who also looked at my PET/MRI and CT scan. He thought it was more likely a stress fracture as I had broken my femur twice as a child. After a chat, my wonderful GP referred me to The Royal Marsden for a private consultation to get a second opinion.

23rd August - 1st Appointment with the Oncologist at The Royal Marsden. He went through everything he had access to at the time. He told me about possible treatments that could be available to me but he would need a battery of scans and tests before confirmation but he could certainly offer me more treatment. It was a whole lot better than I had, so I asked if I could become his patient and transfer over and it was agreed. In the meantime, I carried on with my NHS chemo sessions until I could be transferred over.

Sept 10th - Last NHS chemo infusion (number 6 of 12) all treatment is now at The Royal Marsden going forward.

14th Sept - Blood tests and MRI scan.

20th Sept - PICC line out and Portacath put in.

21st Sept - CT & PET

27th Sept - Update with Oncologist with all the info and their MDT meeting. Diagnosis small solitary lesion in right liver, 2 peritoneal uptakes, no action required for femur as inconclusive, watch and wait only. Started chemo (number 7) at Marsden, but this time I also get infused with Avastin (Bevacizumab) every time.

11th Oct - Had a liver ablation in Marsden Chelsea. One small lesion was successfully ablated, no others were found after a complete investigation during surgery.

3rd December - MRI of liver.

13th Dec - Last chemo infusion number 12. During the chemo treatment suffered with some classic side effects which were treated as and when. Also left with significant neuropathy in fingers and toes, which is especially troublesome in my feet and can be painful, and affects how long I can stand and walk for. This wont go away quickly, if at all.

16th Dec - CT & PET scans.

20th Dec - Oncologist update. No evidence of disease in the liver. Residual retroperitoneal lymph node just below the duodenum. MDT agreed that the retroperitoneal node was suitable for radiotherapy. The other node no longer active.


5th Jan - MRI of the femur.

6th Jan - Oncologist’s result of MRI indicates that the lesion in the femur is not likely to be a site of metastatic disease, but related to changes following chemotherapy.

24th January - Start 3 weeks of radiotherapy on the remaining node. (15 sessions) Also with capecitabine tablets.

11th Feb - finished radiotherapy.

15th March - CT & MRI

21st March - Oncologist update. Liver still clear. Still too early after radiotherapy to tell if the node has responded, will know after the next scans. A small lesion on the right ovary showed up and needs investigation. Apart from that no other treatment is needed, and wait till the next scans. I am now listed as T4N2MX

23rd March - Ultrasound on the ovary showed nothing and it was concluded that it was a cyst that had gone by itself.

15th June - CT & MRI

20th June - Oncologist update. No evidence of active disease. However, bloods show liver enzymes are way off and a referral has been made to a liver specialist.