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Female 67 y.o.

I first started with abdomen pain in September 2018 . I had a urine infection that didn’t seem to respond to antibiotics, so after the second visit to the GP was sent for an ultra sound on my womb . Here they picked up a thickening in my uterus, so I was fast tracked to a Gynaecologist
( cancelled holiday ) He said I needed an Hysteroscopy and could have it done with local anaesthetic, wrong call !! So painful had to stop the procedure and was told would have to have a general anaesthetic. Went into local hospital being told could go home in the afternoon . Wrong !! Woke up having to have keyhole surgery as do to my age my uterus had closed and they couldn’t obtain the polyps , had to stay in a further day as the doctor nicked my womb and I was on intravenous antibiotics for a day .
But everything was ok .
October 2018 pain still persists and my doctor sent me for a CT scan which found a small lesion on my Pancreas . I then went to see a Pancreatic surgeon who said it was to small to be giving any problems , so sent me to see a Gastroenterologist. That was a complete waste of time as I saw his registrar who had been reading my notes decided it was referred pain coming from my back into my abdomen . He picked up on me being diagnosed with degenerate back disease , which they said several years before was just age related .
So frustrated as all these months I was in pain daily .
Went back to my GP and he said we will make doubly sure it’s not coming from your back and had to wait 6 weeks for an MRI which picked up 2 discs slightly bulging but not pressing on any nerves , so not that . He was really struggling to where to send me next . So I mentioned my mum stating I didn’t want to be where she was , just diagnosed with terminal colon cancer .
Finally I was fast tracked to a colon consultant who when hearing about my mum immediately arraigned a virtual colonoscopy, which picked up something in the lower right side of my colon .
He sent me straight away for the camera colonoscopy and the tumor was seen .
I was admitted for surgery in June ( another holiday cancellation) and was there for 7 days . Woke up from operation and my mum had been admitted to same ward bed opposite. So that was a 7 day wonder whilst I was in . !!
Not straight forward as I had an internal bleed in the first 24 hours and had 4 pints of blood . Then had an allergic reaction to the staples was violently sick for 3 days , had a tube up my nose through to my stomach for 3 days couldn’t eat .
Finally came home and recovered well .
My lovely mum never came home , her cancer was to far advanced and they operated to put a stoma bag on to make her comfortable but it got steadily worse and after 6 weeks in the ward she was transferred to a local hospice and spent the last 3 weeks of her life there . It was a beautiful peaceful place and she passed in August 😢