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Well unfortunately my husband Jay's recurrance of Bowel Cancer after being post 6 months surgery brought me here. `The bugger is back` (the cancer that is not Jay) and this time it's in his stomach lining and pelvis but we've been given hope in that it is slow growing so we're off to see the oncologist (not the `Wizard` well you never know he just might be!) in 2 weeks time to get his management plan set up as it seems surgery is not an option at this point. The surgeon has given him a timescale of `years` (another positive) not days weeks or months and that he is not `popping off` ( hate the D word) anytime soon. It will maybe eventually take him but hopefully that won't be for a few years yet. Just came on here for some reassurance and support because at this moment in time my head is all over the place. Just need to reach out to those in the same or been in the same position.