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Female 47 y.o.

March 2021: Went to see my GP after noticing blood in stool, and was referred for colonoscopy

31 March 2021: colonoscopy. Seven polyps removed and several biopsies taken from what quite clearly was a cancerous growth.

1 April 2021: CT scan and MRI

2 April 2021: (2 days after colonoscopy: everything moved really fast!) MDT and first meeting with surgeon and oncologist. Staging based on CT was cT1/2N0M0, whereas the MRI indicated cT3N1M0. Based on the MRI I would be candidate for a study, based on the CT I was not, and this would influence the treatment plan.

7 April: CT and MRI re-assessed. Staging now cT1/2N1M0. Treatment plan; surgery first, possibly followed by chemo.

21 April; uncomplicated LAR, discharged from hospital after two days. Slept for 12 hours after coming home.

30 April 2021: staging after pathology pT2N1bM0, so somewhere in between the original CT and MRI results.

31 May 2021: start of first of four rounds of Capox.

July 2021: blood taken for genetic testing; there’s a history of bowel cancer in my family, I was under 50 at the time of diagnosis and had a high number of polyps (for my age) in addition to the tumour.

6 Aug 2021 CT scan as part of a study: all clear.

16 Aug 2021: chemo finished.

Living in the Netherlands