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Female 33 y.o.

May 2022 - my husband (41 years old) is undergoing various tests for suspected bowel cancer with secondary tumour. Colonoscopy was clear inside the bowel but they suspected a tumour outside the bowel. CT, MRI and PET scans have been done and he is now waiting for surgery for biopsies or a right hemi colectomy.
24/5 - Right hemi colectonmy and bilateral urinary stents.
June 2022 - confirmed bowel cancer Stage 4 - awaiting appointment with oncologist.
July 2022 - As he only has one secondary tumour near the bladder / rectum local hospital asked for second opinion on plan. In the meantime I learned that HIPEC which is a treatment for peritoneum secondaries isn’t routinely available in Wales. Decided to go privately to the Christie. Plan is chemotherapy with the hope of surgery at Christies.
August 2022 - Folfoxiri commences