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I’m Jay age 50 years old. I was diagnosed at 48 with rectal cancer.

9th December 2020 - First Doctors appointment to report ongoing bowel issues.
14th December - Blood tests.
FIT test score - 13.1.
Bloods - Abnormal FBC.(Others All Within Normal Range).
23rd December - Telephone consultation with Colorectal Nurse.
22nd January 2021 - Colonoscopy confirmed 4.5cm tumour on my rectum.
31st January - MRI Scan.
1st February- CT Scan with contrast.
4th February - 1st Consultant appointment.
17th February - 1st Covid Vaccine.
10th March - Pre op.
17th March - Had Open LAR surgery to remove tumour.
25th March - Home from hospital.
30th March - Back in hospital.
31st March - CT Scan with contrast. Rectovaginal fistula seen.
1st April - Open surgery yet again to clear rectal collection and fit a loop Ileostomy.
12th April - Home from hospital.
10th May - Histology results final staging T3N0M0.
17th July - Genetic Service results state family as having a moderate risk of developing bowel cancer. Tumour tested negative for lynch syndrome.
2nd August - A&E Excruciating pain, vomiting & blood in urine.
3rd August - CT Scan confirmed 4.4mm stone bottom of right kidney.
4th August - Home from hospital with pain & anti sickness medication.
10th September- Caught Covid.
21st September - Consultant appointment, Water Soluble Contrast Enema requested.
22nd September- First 6 monthly CEA blood tests.
CEA Results - Below 1.
27th September- Smear test (having female issues, told to make a GP appointment).
Smear Results - HPV Negative.
30th September- PA appointment, referred for an ultrasound.
12th October- Telephone consultation with GP, requested blood tests.
14th October - Blood Tests.
Bloods - Satisfactory FBC. (Others All Within Normal Range).
21st October- CT Scan with contrast. NED.
2nd November- Water Soluble Contrast Enema :x:-ray appointment.
10th November- Pelvic Ultrasound. x2 Uterine fibroids seen, 13mm & 22mm hopefully these will shrink without treatment during perimenopause.
15th November- Telephone appointment with The Dietetic Team & discharged.
20th January 2022- Telephone consultation with the Urology Team.
(Follow-up in 6 months).
23rd March - 12 months CEA and Kidney function blood tests.
CEA Results - Below 1. Kidney function - Normal.
5th April - Doctors appointment, continuous rectal pressure, consultant referral.
24th May - Consultant appointment.
10th June - CT Scan with contrast.
TBA - Fluoroscopic Vaginagram to locate Rectovaginal Fistula.
29th September - 18 months CEA blood test.