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I was diagnosed at age 44 in November 2021 and got a CT scan the next day, which showed no spread. 4 weeks later I had a single tumour removed from my sigmoid colon. It was keyhole surgery and I did not need a stoma. I recovered well, but then found out 7 out of 27 nodes had cancer cells. I am T3N2M0 and EMVI positive. I have a picc line fitted and managed 2 cycles of capox. My neutropenia was then too low to continue. Capox also made me very depressed and weak. So I had a week break. Then I caught a cold and had another week break. I then got stomach flu and had another week break. I had very bad side effects from Capox and I am now starting FOLFOX for the remainder of my treatment. 9 cycles planned as I have done 2 Capox cycles. I have a colonoscopy in Sept 2022 (after chemo as I am so sick all the time) to remove 2 polyps. I played Bon Jovi (half way there) Living on Prayer to celebrate when I reached the half way mark for my chemo. It’s been tough. My chemo treatment should end August 2022. I have a 3 year old daughter who is full on. I look forward to having the energy again to chase her around.

1. 21/02/22 Capox 100% dose
2. 15/03/22 Capox 100% dose (2x capox equalled 3 Folfox)
3. 26/04/22 Folfox 80% dose
4. 10/05/22 Folfox 100% dose
5. 24/05/22 Folfox 80% dose
6. 14/06/22 Folfox pump only due to neuropathy
7. 28/06/22 Folfox pump & oxi 60% dose
8. 12/7/22 as above
9. 26/7/22 as above
10. 9/8/22 as above
11. 23/8/22 as above