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Female 55 y.o.

Diagnosed with colon cancer and graded as T3 N2b M0 R0 G2 EMBI+ in October 2020

A brief history was no obvious signs of Bowel Cancer initially. Went to GP mid August 2020 with cramping in abdomen, abdominal bloating, change in bowel habits (consistency). GP did bloods and I did a FIT test which came back as occult bloods positive.

Colonoscopy and endoscopy done o. The 27 August and surgeon said something significant found query cancer.

CT done 31 August

GP came to my home on 4 September and cold us it was colon cancer, had not appeared to have spread to other organs but Lymph nodes affected.

1 October surgery to remove tumour. Keyhole surgery

9 October given pathology report with biopsy results.

3 November saw oncologist and chemo date given to start

17 November started chemo .. 6 cycles CAPOX