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I'm Betty and I'm 34 years old. Experienced rectal bleeding July 21, was fobbed off by a locum GP in September 2021 and was told I had piles. Went back to GP in October 2021, had digital exam where swelling was felt, so sent to colonoscopy and blood tests. Fit test returned at >200ug and fecal calprotectin was 58ug. Had traumatic colonoscopy on 26th November, which I found extremely painful. A large rectal polyp (1.5cm) was found and removed by EMR. The quarterisation machine broke so my bowel had to be manually clipped. December 10th was asked to come in for a CT scan, not told why. January 5th 2022 was asked to come in for a repeat colonoscopy, asked why and was not told why it was needed. January 6th 2022 I was called by a Colorectal surgeon and told that the polyp in my rectum contained adenocarcinoma, but that it was all out and would just need surveillance. I was also told my CT scan was clear and showed no spread. January 10th I visited Clinic and was told I would need either watch and wait or surgery depending on MDT view after results of a forthcoming rectal MRI. MRI scan all clear, follow up flexible sigmoidoscopy on 11th February all clear and no sign of recurrence. However was told 14th March that MDT recommended LARS surgery despite all clear scans and here I am - waiting for my op! And terrified! :( I will need a temporary illeostomy bag and reversal at a later date.

As far as they can tell I am T1N0M0 but awaiting pathology after surgery to confirm.

Betty :x: