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Female 74 y.o.

Hello. I am 69 years old and retired two years ago after working 40 years as a medical secretary for the NHS. I am married with two children, 6 grandchildren and a dog. This forum is absolutely great.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer end of Jan 2017 and had high anterior resection end of March which showed T3 N1 M0VI cancer. Histology showed excision margins clear but 1 out of 10 lymph
nodes was positive. Currently waiting to have 6 months of chemo iv and tablets (8 sessions).

Start chemo (Capox) on 7 June 2017. Stopped Oxaliplatin after 4 cycles due to bad side effects and carried on with the Capecitabine tablets.

Update: Finished chemo end of November 2017. First yearly colonoscopy end of February and waiting for a CT scan appt.

First year scan Feb 2018 - no sign of cancer. Splenic artery aneurysm spotted last year but slightly bigger. My consultant having a word with the radiologist . Follow up July 2018. Ok. Will keep an eye on it when having CT scans

Colonoscopy Feb 2018- - one tiny polyp! Wtg for histology.
Benign adenoma.

CEA July 2018 less than 1 ☺.
CEA Oct 2018 less than 1 😊.

CT scan March 2019🀞.
CEA less than 1 March 2019
CT scan March ok. No followup appt. Results over the phone!
Another year behind me🀞.
CEA March 2020 less than 1
CT scan due March 2020 postponed due to Covid 19
CT scan June 2020. Fine.
Bad neuropathy. Have an appt
with Late side effects clinic.
CEA Sept 2020 fine.
CEA March 2021 less than 1. One more year of follow ups 🀞.