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Female 53 y.o.

June 2020 seemed to be “going a lot more. put down To increasing fibre to be a bit healthier
Started seeing blood so after putting it off a little while. Telephone appt with doctor july2020
6 aug 2020....colonoscopy
21Aug 2020...MRI/CT
02sep2020...rectal cancer confirmed
08Sep....appt to discuss chemo/radiotherapy
Back to MDT meeting as they think I’m too young to have radiotherapy and the resulting side effects.
16Sep....after meeting with surgeon again 15th, decision made to go to surgery...LAR with temp ileostomy-possible chemo after.....OP date 01 October 2020
Staging T3N1M0.....6cm in
Op for 01october- postponed due no HDU bed
New date....15oct...
Letter received 3oct T3N2M0....(original diag N1)
15oct... operation day- surgeon confident all cancer removed- lowest LAR surgery he’s ever done- under very strict instructions to not use pelvic muscles for a few weeks to allow join to heal
30oct-2 weeks post op- recovery going well
04nov...appt with surgeon to discuss histology
Great news..all tumour removed 19lymph nodes removed- no cancer found👍
Appt with oncologist next to discuss ...if....chemo required in case of lmvi involvement
10nov...appt Mr Harris- oncologist
Results are......NO CHEMO NEEDED 👍👍👍
No spread-no emvi involvement-no lymph nodes affected...
Final staging.... T2N0M0
Now just waiting for dye test- then onto reversal next year- COVID permitting
Jan2021 almost 14 weeks post surgery...feel almost normal again- eating most things apart from nuts! Trying to increase peeled fruit
Due COVID= no dye test in sight let alone reversal op, so will just have to carry on with my new friend🤞
17-2-2021.....wooooo surprise appointment in the post yesterday for enema :x:-ray to check join today....and it’s all good. The dr asked if I had my surgery booked- so taking that as a sign the OPs are going ahead now.
22-2-21.....surgeon appointment.......told I’m first on his list for reversal when COVID allows...
19/04/21……1st CT scan post diagnosis…….
19-04-21.....reversal op booked !
29/04/21.....reversal op done....just waiting for my plumbing to start working!
20/05/21…… still no results from ct scan….nurses say if they haven’t contacted you then it’s all 👍
Getting used to my reversal, more good days than bad…..wound all healed up although my scar looks like I’ve been shot in the stomach 😂
August 21…..telephone appointment with surgeon, although it was his deputy that phoned, finally told the results of my ct scan and it was all clear…just as well I suppose as it was 6 months ago- next one in September.
Due a 1 year colonoscopy- but they are all delayed due COVID😡