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Male 61 y.o.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 17 following a colonoscopy where two polyps were discovered and removed. Although nothing was identified at the time, one polyp 18mm across subsequently revealed the presence of cancer cells.

CT scan also showed a liver cyst and a dilated ascending aorta.

Had a high anterior resection at the end of August by keyhole surgery. Tests gave staging at T3, N1, M0 stage, with just one of twelve lymph nodes removed showing evidence of cancer cells.

Started chemotherapy 15 Nov 17. First round has now concluded and side effects have been minimal (to my surprise) as had been braced for the worst.

Round 2, 6 Dec 17. Finger/foot tingle is definitely more pronounced this time around. Weather is not helping with recent snow and preparing any cold food needs advance planning!

Round 3 on 27/12/17. Side effects more intense this time. Constant bloated feeling and urge to go to the loo very frequently. Just wish I could get a decent nights sleep!

Round 4, 17/1/17. This is my last chemo session as the 8 originally planned has been cut to 4 due to SCOT findings. Side effects are much heavier this time but still no nausea or diarrhoea. Five days after Oxy is usually the worst and was not disappointed this time and was like a zombie for 2 days. Sleep is still a big issue and bloating more severe.

Finished Round 4 of chemo at the end of January. Initially feeling good but after about 10 days began suffering with extreme pins and needles in left shoulder and both arms. Fingers feeling numb almost constantly. Although shoulder seems to have eased up, fingers of both hands are still suffering.

Saw Oncologist 2/3/17. Seems pleased with progress and offered reassurance over numb fingers. Hoping for scan in early April with review at the end of April.

CT scan 6 April but oncologist appointment not due until 27th!

The day of reckoning has arrived. Blood tests normal. SCAN CLEAR!!

Had follow up colonoscopy on 3 Aug. All clear and nothing unusual found. Colonoscopist said I should not need another one for 3 yrs.

Participating in the 'Add-Aspirin' Trial.

March 2019. Waiting for results of second CT scan.