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Female 60 y.o.

Found blood on loo paper December 2020, scope in January 2021 found sessile polyp in sigmoid colon, referred to surgeon for endoscopic removal March 2021. Removed with decent margins but found 15% cancerous cells within polyp. Offered watch and wait or high anterior resection surgery. Had surgery July 6, 2021, did not need colostomy, recovery went well, 3 nights in hospital. Pathology from surgery took a while, then told 3/13 lymph nodes showed cancer. Offered 4 cycles of CAPOX. Started chemo 15 September 2021. Nausea and fatigue with both cycles so far, but just the right side of bearable.

Chemo finished early December. Recovered my energy, appetite etc fairly quickly. Under surveillance now with blood test due later this week (March 2022). Update: CEA showed "subtle increase". Dr suggested bringing CT scan forward (due in July). CT scan shows "something" on liver. Along with CEA rise this is not great news. Dr says "not an emergency" but needs further imaging, MRI this time. MRI appointment 05/04/22. Update: MRI shows very small lesion which only showed up with contrast dye, still needs further imaging with PET scan. PET Scan done 29/04, now awaiting results. Great news on 04/05 PET scan clear. But, liver spot still needs investigation. Booked to see liver surgeon 07/06. Initially given choice of surgery or ablation, but based on an ultrasound scan my surgeon has now recommended ablation. Booked for 23/6. Procedure went well. CT scan due 3 months from now to check outcome.