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IIIc/T4b N1a MO
Early 2014 blood in poo (thought it was piles).
SEPT2014 pain which i thought was IBS. GP diagnosed diverticulitis.
OCT 2014 symptoms worsen GP gave me antibiotics-no improvement.
NOV 2014
saw another GP & asked for a colonoscopy. Picolax caused vomiting & rigors but NO bowel movement, rushed into A&E & given :x:-ray (which i now know won't show tumours!!) discharged as "severely constipated".
Pain unbearable within days, temp and started passing air bubbles when weeing. Saw a 111 GP who said "make an appointment to see your GP!".....just hours later rushed in vomiting and passing poo in my wee. CT showed burst abscess attached to a 5.5cm sigmoid tumour stuck to bladder and small intestine.
DEC 10th 2014
sigmoid colon removed, part of small intestine and bladder resection (no stoma). 1 positive node meant adjuvant chemo....then the real trouble started!!
JAN 2015
Folfox 3 weekly cycle. Week 4 voice slurred like a stroke, aspirated, urinary incontinence & couldn't walk. Injected with lots of drugs, session stopped & sent home.
FEB 2015
3 days later nose bleeds and diarrhoea increasing to 15 :x: day, in hospital for nearly 3 weeks. Onc said I had 'DPD DEFICIENCY' and any more chemo could kill me or perforate my small bowel. After consultation with my daughter (who is a doctor) and my husband, we agreed no more chemo. I was left feeling extremely vulnerable and scared.
6 months later..... clear CT 2015.
1 year later ....clear CT 2016. CEA 0.5
3rd clear CT Nov 2017
Continued my interrupted Counsellor training and Graduated 2017. I now work as a volunteer Counsellor.