Our Forum Rules

Please follow our rules to help make sure our forum remains a safe and friendly space for everyone.

Posts that break our rules will be removed and you may have your account suspended.

Please remember any messages posted on the forum, including advice or opinions, are the responsibility of the author and not Bowel Cancer UK.

You can find information about how to manage your account, as well as how to post, tag other members, and send private messages in our Useful Information section.

1. Please respect our moderators and staff

We have a team of volunteer moderators who are supported by Bowel Cancer UK staff to help keep our forum a safe, friendly and supportive place. Their role includes moving posts, reviewing the content of posts, as well as temporarily removing content that may break our rules so that it can be reviewed by a member of staff.

Please respect the role of the moderators and remember that they are all bowel cancer patients or caregivers themselves.

2. Removing posts

We will remove or lock posts and threads that may be in breach of our rules, or are disruptive or inappropriate for the forum, so that they can be reviewed by a member of staff. Where appropriate we’ll let the post’s author know that it has been removed, and we aim to finish our review within five working days. This may mean the post is then restored, edited to remove some content, or permanently removed. 

Members who break our rules or behave in a disruptive way may be suspended from the forum. Repeated breaking of our rules will result in a permanent suspension.

If you have a concern or query about how we moderate the forum, please get in touch on forum@bowelcanceruk.org.uk. We ask that you do not publicly discuss or refer to moderation actions on the forum or the members affected by them in order to protect the privacy of others and to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

3. Keep your threads focused

Please keep your threads focused on specific issues, and please remember that the forum is not intended to be used as a daily diary or to host casual group chats. This helps to keep everything accessible to everyone, whilst also ensuring that we are able to safely and effectively moderate the forum. Threads that do not abide by this rule will be locked.

4. Be supportive and respectful of each other

Many members are going through difficult times, so please be kind and supportive, even if you don’t necessarily agree with what others say. This includes using aggressive or antagonistic language, as well as deliberately excluding or ignoring others or being disrespectful to other members and moderators.

5. Be mindful of others

Please don’t swear or use offensive or discriminatory language. Posts that could cause upset or undue concern to other members will also be removed. Please be mindful of the impact your behaviour and messages can have on others, including not using all uppercase letters which can come across as aggressive or unduly alarming to others.

6. We’re not doctors or healthcare professionals

Members are happy to share their experiences, but you should talk to your GP or hospital team if you’re worried about symptoms, have questions about your treatment and care, or before taking any new medications or supplements.

7. Alternative treatments

Posts that advocate alternative or non-traditional treatments in place of conventional medical treatment will be removed. Please speak with your medical team before embarking on any change in treatment.

8. Remember to stay safe

Please don’t post your contact details publicly and be mindful about who you share your personal info with through private messaging. Please also think about your safety if you arrange to meet up with other forum members.

9. Respect the privacy of others

Members are able to send private messages to each other and tag each other in threads, but no one is under any obligation to reply. Please remember that everyone here is experiencing a difficult time themselves and may not feel able to respond to messages.

10. Talking about hospitals and healthcare professionals

Members are welcome to share useful recommendations and info about different healthcare teams and hospitals, but please don’t post negative comments about named people or hospitals.

11. No politics please

The forum is a safe space for providing support and information and should not be used for political statements or debates.

12. Religion and beliefs

Our members are from many cultures, backgrounds and religions, and so comments should be kept non-biased and secular, and should not advocate specific beliefs or impose beliefs on others.

13. No commercial or research links

Please don’t use the forum to try to sell or promote products, services, research, or paid-for events to other members. Any such posts will be removed and your account will be suspended.

14. Keeping things legal

We will remove posts that may be libellous or that discuss illegal activity. This includes posts that contain information or discussion about obtaining drugs, medications or supplements that aren’t legal in the UK.

15. Members must be aged 18+

For the protection and safety of children, members must be aged 18 or over to join the forum.

16. Don’t share links for crowdfunding pages

It’s not possible to share crowdfunding links as we have lots of members and we don’t want to get flooded with requests.

17. Please report inappropriate or worrying posts

If you see a post that you feel breaks our Forum Rules or you are worried about, please report it to us by selecting the drop down arrow on the top right of the post and choosing ‘Report’ to flag it with the moderators. You can also let us know by email on forum@bowelcanceruk.org.uk