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Stage 4 bowel cancer


5 year mark - No evidence of disease

Hi all,
I haven't been on here for a while but I wanted to ask a question!
Everywhere you read about the 5 year mark, life expectancy given in 5 years, the golden 5 year no evidence of disease etc....
Does that mean if you make it to 5 years you are effectively cured? Or the chance of reoccuramce goes down?
My husband has signet ring cell stage 4 spread to peritoneum and EVERYTHING I read says 5 years survival odds 0%!!
So basically he won't have 5 years then? I'm heartbroken to think there is no chance!!

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Cannot answer but my mum was given little chance at 85 but still here 10 years on with lymphoma. Her son, is me and I have the BC please keep the hopes


Hi @Fighting4hubs. Just wanted to share my thoughts on stats and prognosis with you:
I simply don't read anything on the net that contain the words 'stats' or 'prognosis' but I can certainly understand why people do. In the early days, me and my husband searched for 'good news stories' but inevitably came across stats etc and it certainly didn't have the desired effect we were both so desperately after. So in my opinion they serve no purpose whatsoever with trying to live with cancer. They can make you feel a lot more anxious (unnecessarily) and that is certainly something you can do with out.
Your husband is an individual and is certainly not a stat. Who knows what can happen in the future? It may not be everybody's way, as again, we are all very much individuals but it has certainly helped me to live and cope (most of the time) with my diagnosis and to carry on with as much stat-less hope as I can muster.
Sending lots of love and strength to you both and don't give up hope :x::x:


@Hi @Fighting4hubs.I like mem never read any stats on my diagnosis.My oncologist has never given me any indication of a time limit although he has told me he doesn't see that I will be cured.I have decided that I am living with cancer and it won't rob me of any day that I have .I take each day as it comes. My husband said to me at the beginning of my diagnosis to remember that everyone is different and reacts differently to treatment.So I'm not a statistic I'm a mum and a wife a daughter and a sister .I know not everyone can think this way but it has kept me going so far. So stuff stats in my opinion .Best wishes to you both?

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Hi @Fighting4hubs
The 'magic 5 year' mark is something that has come from clinical studies and observational statistics. It's a way of measuring trends in overall survival rates. Like @mem said earlier, it doesn't mean anything to us as individuals.
I'm choosing to celebrate my fifth anniversary of diagnosis because I like celebrating ? and as a stage 4 patient the overall stats aren't great so I'm enjoying bending the survival curve. There are lots of us on here who are enjoying beating the stats!
Do take a look at my profile as an example of this, also my website which is set up to celebrate getting to 5 years, raise money for Beating Bowel Cancer and raise awareness of both the disease and what can be achieved.
One of my quotes that I hope will help is "a diagnosis of bowel cancer doesn't have to mean the end of your life, it can be the reason to start living it".
Big hugs


Hi @Fighting4hubs oooooo stay off google and stats you naughty girl. The data is all 5yr old and the biggie is HIPEC for peri mets which more and more have and for many it's a no and things change the following year and you get it. Those doing hipec are pushing the boundaries more as well. I'm a no for hipec at the mo due to para aortic lymphs spreading it about but I'm just saying ok it's a no now, get me some trials? Radiotherapy? And hipec later down the line, or not! Google PIPAC if want to do something wise on google lol and just book fun things to do to keep busy and not let nasty stupid evil cancer spoil today :x::x::x:


I was just looking at one that said 1.6% survival rate at 5 years for SRCC bowel cancer. So, presumably 1 person in that research did!

I’m trying to hang on to that but don’t know if it is just setting me up for more kicks in the teeth ?.