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Scan results chest.

Hi everyone
Had my yearly chest ct scan last Wednesday being a bit anxious I rang my consultant's secretary today she explained my results are going to the MDT tomorrow
She explained scans go to the team before the patient gets the results , she made me an appointment for next Monday afternoon on the ward with my consultant .
Does this mean there is a new problem? Or is this the usual
Procedure? This is my first followup scan .
Thank you


@john xxxx, this is normal practice at my Trust.:x::x:


Again, normal here @john xxxx
I phoned to see if I could get an earlier appointment following my latest scan and was told that the MDT meeting was taking place that very day. Obviously ALL the results are discussed every week or whatever, to make sure that nothing is missed, all the specialists are in agreement and that the specialist nurses know the plans.

(I was lucky to receive my good news over the phone but there is usually a policy not to do so, as bad news obviously needs handling in person.)

So i hope everything is fine, sending best wishes :x::x:

Lady GT

Another vote for 'normal' here @john xxxx .
It is during the MDT meeting that all the scan results are discussed so, before that, nobody will have any information at all. Your consultant's secretary will have had no idea about anything because it hasn't been decided yet.
I actually see it as a good thing. She realised that you were worried, so scheduled an appointment ASAP for you, instead of you having to hang around in limbo.
The waiting is tough, isn't it?
Hang in there! :x:

john xxxx

Thank you so much for all the comments, yes waiting for any tests is an anxious time.....again thank you :x::x:


Hello @john xxxx

Good luck mate, hope all goes well :x:

john xxxx

Thanks friend!! Means allot! !

El Ivan

Good luck @john xxxx ??

john xxxx

Thank you?


@john xxxx, all the best for your results! Good luck. Hugs

springer michelle

It's definitely normal practise, good luck with your results, I'm waiting for mine also :x:

john xxxx

Thanks....good luck with your results!!

john xxxx
Quote from @Sparrow:
@John, all the best for your results! Good luck. Hugs

Many thanks.....:x::x:


Always a horrible anxious wait for scan results @John Fingers crossed it's good news! K ????❤️

john xxxx

Thank you so much for your thoughts....all the very best for you!!?✌?


@john xxxx fingers crossed for a good result ????


Good luck with your results @john xxxx ?:x::x: