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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Queen Elizabeth Birmingham or John Radcliffe Oxford?

Hi - my husband was diagnosed in March 2015 with rectal cancer that has spread to the lymph system. He cannot be cured through operating so is on perpetual chemo, currently Cetuximab, Irinitecan & 5FU. It's holding it at bay for the moment but we know that this will not always be the case.

He's currently being treated at Cheltenham but we feel that whilst we like & respect the oncologist, this may not be the best hospital for the next step. We have just sold our house and are free to go anywhere. We've decided to stay in a similar area as it's central for our respective famlies so think Birmingham or Oxford would be better options - but which one?

I just wondered if anyone has experience of being treated at either hospital? Once we make the decision as to which direction to head, we'll look to rent in an area that has relatively easy access.

Any input on experiences to help us make a decsion is very much appreciated.



Hi @frangipan I am under Oxford and amazing. We were looking to spend thousands to go to the US to explore all options and Oxford liaised with the clinic there to confirm same methods - that's quite something on the NHS! Oxford leads the way with a lot of bowel cancer trials and research . Good luck :x::x:


Thanks @HH79. Appreciate the great feedback.


Hello, this is probably too late for you but my father has been very happy with his treatment at Oxford (he now visits the Churchill, part of the JR group)