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Scan results are in

I'm so happy to report that I got the results of my recent scan and there is 'no evidence of disease'; those three words are better than winning the lottery. My oncologist never seems to be the most optimistic of chaps so he didn't quite share my elation but I know you all will totally understand. I now go from 3 monthly scans to 6 monthly and for the first time since diagnosis in April 2015 I feel I can start looking ahead with a bit more confidence. I want to share this wonderful news with you because there have been some very dark days and also 'days of dread' when coming into this forum was my emotional salvation and somehow soothed my nerves and even managed to make me laugh out loud so I want to thank you all for your support. I can take my head out of the sandpit now and enjoy the view. Love from a very happy Helena :x::x::x:


@helena, fabulous news, so happy for you.:x::x:

springer michelle

Great news, the forum members are on a roll atm, :x::x:


Oh @helena I'm so happy for you, and totally agree that to be told NED is the most amazing feeling. Well done to you and loads of luck moving forward. Diane :x::x::x::x:

Bear G

No Evidence of Disease is wonderful news @helena - congratulations on becoming a NED!
Big hugs


@helena This is wonderful news and will lift the spirits of so many folk on here. I remember the elation when I was told. You will feel as though a weight has been lifted. Enjoy carving out a future life and enjoy every minute. Hugs, b :x:


Hi @helena marvellous news :x:


@helena that is great news and gives hope to everyone ???

Beck R

Fabulous news ?


@helena this is such great news! So happy for you and you've got a waving NED! :x::x:


Thank you so much @Clancy @springer michelle @DianeS @Catherine Blakeney @Bear Gn @Brian @GD1962 @Meezermum @Beck R @mem - I'm walking on air and feel like a completely different person without the oppressive thought of scans every 3 months. It's amazing how quickly 3 months passes and unfortunately I suffer dreadfully from 'scanziety' and it's just bliss to know that I won't be having another one till March. I am also very mindful that not everyone is in the same position as me but I sincerely hope that my news can give a bit of a boost to those going through the delightful cancer 'journey' or, as my oncologist described it, a cancer 'marathon' rather than a 'sprint'! For once @Bear Gn I am quite delighted to be a 'NED' minus the hoodie and brakeless bike. All of your support is incredible and we all have to keep on keeping onwards. Happy Helena :x::x::x::x:


Very good news indeed.


@helena, yay! Congratulations, and lovely news!! Happy celebrating! Much love and hugs :x::x::x:


Yipeeeeee so happy for you @helena :x::x::x::x::x:


So pleased for you :x::x:


Brilliant news and so happy for you :x::x:


Ah Aileen @helena , well done! I remember going from 3 monthly scans to 6 monthly, and it was the first chink of light at the end of a long tunnel. You will hopefully go from 6 monthly to yearly in another while. Here's to continuing NED!:x::x:


Thanks CD1966 @Sparrow @Mandy @CossC @angepange @Jacey Connell 74 - it is indeed great news and it's taken the dark cloud which seemed to follow me and put it over the horizon. I'm sure you understand @angepange what an immense relief it is so best wishes for your continued NED. You never know, maybe the next time you are 'up north' to see our very dear mutual friend then we might meet up! :x::x::x:


Hi @helena that is such good news, so pleasing to read your post, thank you for sharing, gives us all a boost.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x: