Stage 4 bowel cancer


My dad's recent diagnosis

Hello everyone,

I found this site and am hoping for some positive support and positive stories. Or just a feeling of understanding.

My dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. It is Adenocarcinoma. About 3.5 cm. It has spread to his liver and the doctor has told my parents it's incurable. He starts chemo on October 3rd.

It all started because he was having stomach pain that caused him to throw up while we were all camping in August. He ended up going to hospital where they found elevated liver enzymes. Which lead to an ultrasound where they saw masses on his liver. Lead to many more tests and a biopsy that came back inconclusive and after a second, positive for cancer. He had a specialized CT scan that showed the 3.5 cm tumor in his bowel.

They are saying chemotherapy is to prolong his life and make him comfortable. Gave some really scary statistics of survival being only 50% survive three years.

I don't even know what I'm looking for to be honest. Hope I guess. My dad is amazing. I am beyond shattered, we all are and I can't even imagine how he is feeling, how my mom is doing. Anything you can offer. Thank you for reading. I apologize if this is incoherent or confusing. I'm in Canada if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for reading


Hello @Mydadisafighter

Very sorry to hear your diagnosis I'm stage four incurable and inoperable and it is very worrying. There is a booklet on our website about stage 4 patients please feel free to down load the information. I also worked in Ontario as a pharmacist in St Catharines some years ago. Anyway there are others who will be in contact to give you moral support, hugs and advice.

My advice is wait till the cancer team give him a treatment plan and thing may be more clearer, take each day at a time, and don't over think matters too much. Hugs and prayers :x::x::x:


Thank you for your response. <3 I've downloaded and read the information. I just can't stop thinking about it. Its just so hard, its my dad. :( I love him so much.

They have given him a plan. He starts chemo October 3rd. Every two weeks, indefinitely. I'm not sure what medications he will be on.


Hi @Mydadisafighter

The Canadian cancer society has a link on treatment in your home country have a read. I know having worked in Canada as a hospital pharmacist that treatment regimes may vary and their are drugs available there which may not use in the UK.

all the best :x:


Thank you so much. I think I've read everything I can find on bowel cancer. Finding this site helped a lot.


Hi @Mydadisafighter and a very warm welcome to the forum from me! I'm glad you've found this forum as I'm sure you will find there's a wealth of information, advice and support here from the lovely forum members. It's a scary time in the beginning trying to process all the new information and make some sense of things. We all pretty much understand how you're feeling as we've been there either as a patient or relative. Funnily enough, once treatment gets underway, things do appear to become more manageable. I'm also stage 4 although was initially diagnosed with stage 3. You can read my profile and others which may give you more hope. I'm sure others will be along soon to say hello so hope you can stick around! Sending lots of positivity and hope to you and your family! K ????❤️


Hi @Mydadisafighter im sorry about your dads recent diagnosis i too am stage 4 incurable and inoperable and currently on my 9th session of chemo. most of the tjme i feel well. its better to try and not read too many statistics and most are not up to date and i only use macmillan site and bowel cancer uk sites for information.
chemo so far has reduced my mets. im hoping to be reviewed with a more upto date plan once ive had 12 sessions. at presentni would just concentrate on the postiitives of getting the treatment going. this site has proven invaluable for advice etc nothing is too trivial to talk about. staying positive and helping dad stay positive has shown to help with recovery etc, hope all goes ok and keep us posted :x:


Hi from me too @Mydadisafighter.
I'm so sorry to hear of your Dads diagnosis. It really does turn your 'normal' life on its head doesn't it. And it does, in these early days, take over your every thought. It's a hard time for you all so I am really glad you've found this amazing forum for support and understanding.
I am also a stage 4 and was initially diagnosed with a 10cm liver met in 2014. Thankfully, chemo did an amazing job and shrunk the met enough to be removed. 2 years ago my cancer unfortunately spread further to my lungs and this is also being positively managed.
So I suppose what I'm trying to say is, don't listen too or even look-up stats. Your Dad is unique (as we all are) and is certainly no stat! Your Dads diagnosis will become more mentally manageable for you and I'm sure in time 'hope' will hit you all with a bang!
Sending love to you and your Dad :x::x:

Beck R

Sorry you are all having to go through this but welcome. I am stage 4, pretty much no chance of operating on my liver, although I had emergency surgery with a perforated bowel, although they didn't get it all. It's hard but try and ignore the statistics as much as possible, we are all individual and, as many will tell you, a lot of the stats are out of date and it very much can depend on age and state of health before diagnosis. Things should feel a bit more in control once there is a treatment plan in place :x:


Thank you all so much <3 You are all right, I know. He is not a statistic. And he's strong and stubborn. He still feels great. It's actually a fluke that it was even caught. I forgot to mention in my first post that when he was initially hospitalized, it was because of gallstones. Then they happened to find this cancer.
It gives me hope that so many of you are fighting this and doing well. It helps hearing these stories. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart.
He's been so positive this past month and a half with all the uncertainty. It was just Friday that we got the news that it started in his bowel. Initially they weren't sure if it started in his liver or his bowel. But yesterday, he started talking about giving some of his things away. I know he wants to fight. I know how strong and amazing he is. I just don't know how to support him. Hard to even process this myself. I can't imagine what he is going through.


Hi @Mydadisafighter. My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4, also with mets in the liver. It's so hard being a relative of someone with this diagnosis isn't it? As relatives, really, all we can do is give as much love as we can and be ready to follow wherever the patient leads us.

If it would help, there's a specal place on this forum for relatives and carers that you might want to have a look at for support for yourself - you need to request access.

I'm still at the very beginning of this journey, just like you, but everyone on this forum will give you support and love, just like they have with me. We're here to support each other.

Take care

Hugs :x::x::x:


Hello@RadShe. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June 2015 with two small spots on my liver. I had a colon resection and an operation to remove the spots on my liver, the six months of chemo. I am now 17 months no evidence of disease after having my last scan a few weeks ago. I am also from Canada but I love this forum as it's been so supportive and encouraging through many dark days. Our health care and treatment plans for cancer are very similar to the U K. Not sure in Canada where you are and if you have access to large hospitals but once they get started with a plan, things will get easier. Take care Evelyn


Sorry this was meant for@Mydadisafighter


He had his first chemo on Tuesday. So far he's still feeling really great. Just really hoping that it shrinks it and is able to either go into remission or just be stable. He also had a CT scan. Hoping the results are stable and haven't grown since his scan about a month and a half ago.