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Hi everyone, it has been a while since I posted, I have been in hospital with severe pneumonia. I thought that I had pulled a muscle in my back after cleaning windows in the conservatory, for three days I was taking pain killers and putting a rub on. It got so bad I decided to go to the minor injury department at my local hospital. I was so shocked to be told pneumonia and that my CRP was dangerous high and I was to be admitted for IV antibiotics. Four days later the IV antibiotics weren't working and my CRP was even higher. They switched to a stronger IV antibiotic which thankfully after another few days started to work, and after two weeks I came home. Not quite over it yet, but things moving in the right direction. Problem now is that I was suppose to start chemo, but my oncologist says that my immune system isn't up to it, and it will be at these another eight weeks before he will even consider it. I do understand what he is saying, and why,but it is a bit scary. It seems that I am taking one step forward but two back. I have been off any chemo since early May, and it is looking like December will be the earliest I can start back, and that really does worry me. Suppose I will just have to hope for the best. It is nice to be back on the forum, hope to catch up on all of your posts to see how you have all been doing. Another thing what has happened to to the forum layout? for a minute I thought I had the wrong site.
Kim :x::x:


Oh my goodness @kim74 Poor you! I'm so glad to read you are now at home and recovering but as you say, the delay to chemo will be worrying you. I guess there's not a lot you can do apart from be kind to yourself, rest and recover having faith that all will be well. What else can we really do in a situation like this? Sending you lots of love and a big (gentle) hug! K ????❤️


Oh how awful @kim74

Glad you are finally beginning to feel better. Pneumonia is a horrible thing. My husband had it a few years ago, completely out of the blue, didnt realise because he is normally fit and healthy.

Please dont panic about the new look site, only 1 day old and still being tweaked.

Take care. :x::x:


Oh @kim74 what a horrible shock for you. I really hope you will pick up very quickly. :x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 @Lizalou @Alwyn Thank you for your kind words, it is good to be home it makes all the difference, I didn't realise how busy and noisy hospitals are. Feeling a bit stronger today so hopefully moving in the right direction. My best wishes to you all.
Kim :x::x:


Hi @kim74, It's good to have you back! I'm glad to hear you're now at home and recovering (again) but I'm so sorry to hear you ended up having Pneumonia. Was it related to your ablation?
Get well wishes and lots of love your way. You've certainly had a rough ride of late. :x::x:


Hi @mem They can't say for sure if it had anything to do with the ablation I haven't heard of anyone else having pneumonia after RFA, could be having that, then the collapsed lung might have just weakened my immune system. Fingers crossed you get a date next week, so you can move forward.
Kim :x::x:


Thankyou @kim74 and thankyou for sharing your experience too. It's good to know the potential symptoms of pneumonia (especially for us lung peeps) even though the reasons of 'why' are unknown.
I'm just so glad that you're now on track with your recovery with hopefully, no more setbacks!
Lots of love :x::x:


Hello @kim74

Really sorry that you have had pneumonia as it is a very debilitating condition and as we get into winter need to ensure if possible get flu shots and pneumonia shots if sage and appropriate. Glad to hear you are recovering. Hugs and prayers all goes well :x::x::x:


Hi @GD1962 yes you are right it is wise to protect ourselves, the weather is changing, and already there are lots of people getting colds. I will have to wait until I get the all clear before I have mine, my hubby is going to have one first time for him. Seems a wise thing to do. I am recovering well, thank you. Hope you are keeping well.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:

Bear G

Oh wow @kim74 , that's a good reason not to have been on here for a while!
Sorry you've been through all that but teallyvpleased and relieved that you're on the mend.
Take it easy and build yourself back up steadily so you're ready for your chemo.
Big hugs


Hi @Bear Gn Doing much better now, just have to rest, sometimes that is easier said than done. Thank goodness for this forum and the internet keeps me sane.
Kim :x::x:


Morning @kim74 only just caught up with your thread and I'm so sorry to hear you have been so poorly but glad things are improving for you. Get plenty of nourishment to build up that immune system. Love D :x::x::x::x::x: