Stage 4 bowel cancer

Bear G

Happy Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Day

On this special day I'm sending positive vibes out to all my fellow cancer warriors battling metastatic bowel cancer.

Stay positive, keep moving forward and enjoy life!


Thank you @Bear Gn for the positive vibes. Always welcome as always needed as a reinforcement message. Well done @StaceyH for the filming and thank you for sharing. Best regards Bridget :x:


Many thanks for those @Bear Gn and @StaceyH - positive vibes so important! Great work, both of you.


Well done @StaceyH and thank you for sharing this! K ????❤️


What a Wonderful Post, @Bear Gn !
But especially for so unfailingly holding the torch high with your personal example, every week of every month of every year.
Thank you.


Thanks so much for this post @Bear Gn - Stage 4 isn't the scary place that it once was and you are living proof of that, you uplift us in our dark days with your positivity and enthusiasm. Keep on keeping on. Unfortunately due to dodgy broadband I cant check out Stacey's video but I will try again later. Helena :x:


Lovely post @Bear Gn, we all think you are amazing! And hope is something we all rely on. Great video @StaceyH well done for doing this and thank you so much for sharing :x::x::x:


@Bear Gn thank you for the power of positivity ???


@Bear Gn thanks for positive vibes.


Hi @Bear Gn Love this post, thank you.
Kim :x::x:


@Bear Gn love it and a happy MCC Day to you.
What a great film @StaceyH :x::x:


Thankyou for sharing @StaceyH :x::x:


Hi @Bear Gn and all, sorry that I am late in responding but thank you for this sentiment. I am in Italy enjoying myself! Take very good care, Kim x (hope the image is visible, - I am just getting my head around the new format) ......


Hello @Bear Gn

Thanks we all need every scrap of hope :x::x::x::x:

Bear G

Thank you all and for the personal comments too, you've raised a tear or two to my eye reading them.
That's a lovely photo @Liriodendron345 , looks like you're in Tuscany? So glad you're treating yourself to some fun!
Big hugs


Yes Tuscany indeed @Bear Gn. Staying in Lucca and can wholly recommend it! Take very good care, Kim :x:

Bear G

I thought so @Liriodendron345
Stayed there a few years ago and loved it.


I've just seen this @Bear Gn what a lovely thought ☺️. Well done @StaceyH too and thankyou for sharing :x::x:


Thanks @Bear Gn :x::x: