Stage 4 bowel cancer


Feeling down and worried....

Have sigmoid colon cancer with multiple liver mets and started chemotherapy (oxaliplatin and capecitabine) as have been told surgery not an option. I had my first treatment 2 weeks ago which seemed to go fine with very few side effects. Turned up today for my 2 round only to be told I couldn't have it due to very high ALP levels. So obviously my liver isn't coping with the chemotherapy. I am seeing my oncologist next Wednesday and have to do another blood test that day to see if my liver has recovered at all.... I am worried that they will stop the chemotherapy? Has anyone had a similar thing happen?


Just saying hello @TraceyJ61

I am sure that others have been in a similar situation and will be along with their experience. You could also contact the nurses tomorrow for information.

But the main thing is that the oncologist is on the case and will come up with a plan B if necessary. In the meantime try not to worry too much. But yes, it is a miserable time and the uncertainty is horrible.

Sending best wishes.

Catherine Blakeney

Hi @TraceyJ61 I had a similar issue on my 4th cycle my liver function was abnormal my team said to delay by 1 week and have another blood test a week later to give the liver time to recover, thankfully it did and I had then next cycle after the break. Sometimes the liver struggles with the toxicity of the chemo, your team will have your best interests uppermost, and I'm sure they will sort something out for you.
Sending you best wishes and hope things improve for you :x::x::x::x:


Thank you Lizalou and Catherine for your messages. Am feeling more positive this morning. :x::x::x::x:


Hi @TraceyJ61 and a very warm welcome to the forum! I'm sure you will find lots of information, advice friendship and a few laughs here!
I can't imagine a worse situation to be in, where you know you need the chemo, you want it to shrink the liver mets so that surgery will be possible but can't have it due to your bloomin liver not playing ball! Horrible situation! All my liver function tests are abnormally high but perhaps not to a great extent, but I still have chemo. I'm told it's because of my previous liver resection and long term chemo as well as new liver mets (which thankfully are shrinking!!) I've had 31 cycles in total I think. Keeping everything crossed that things resolve to some degree and chemo can resume once again! Lots of love, hope and strength to you! K ????❤️


Hi @TraceyJ61 A warm welcome from me. So sorry that you are having such a horrible time, it is such a worry having your treatment stopped. I am in a situation with having my chemo. I am recovering from pneumonia so no treatment for about 8 weeks until my immune system recovers, so I know how you are feeling. Hopefully you will get it sorted next week, fingers crossed that you do. My very best wishes.
Kim :x::x:


Hello @TraceyJ61

I'm on capox and just finished my 4 cycles, sorry to hear your news but hopefully they may be trying to shrink mets to get you considered for surgery. I have liver and peritoneal mets and have been referred for a candidate for potential surgery. So maybe ask about if things improve if after your first scan that you can be considered for an op and even pursue a second opinion too.

For capox side effects I would say keep well hydrated and the very best of luck :x::x::x:


Thanks everyone for their supportive comments. I am glad I have found this site as I cannot discuss with my family or friends as I can see it upsets them even though they are trying not to show it :x::x::x:


Morning @TraceyJ61 just want to welcome you to our forum and to say how sad I am that you find yourself here. The forum will give you great support and we also have an excellent nurses section should you have any medical queries that require a professional reply. I hope that your next set of blood tests are ok to proceed with the chemo, and all goes well after this initial blip. Best of luck to you Diane :x::x::x::x:

Catherine Blakeney

@TraceyJ61 glad you're feeling a little more positive always here with a listening ear :x::x::x:


Had oncologist appointment today and am having my 2nd chemo tomorrow. He wasn't worried about my bloods he said the ALT was a little high but nothing to worry about. Phew relief! So am preparing for tomorrow morning and the side effects as best I can and staying positive. Thanks to everyone who sent me messages of support :) :x::x:

Bear G

Great to read your update @TraceyJ61
Good luck for Chemo today and hold on to that positivity, it's a major weapon for you

Catherine Blakeney

@TraceyJ61 hope chemo went ok today , stay positive it does help ?❤️


Good to hear @TraceyJ61 all the best! K ????❤️


Thank you all :) all went ok yesterday and feeling well so far this morning. at least I know what to expect this time so am better prepared ie gloves and scarf and stocked up with foods I can tolerate which helps with the positivity :x::x:


Well many ways it is a relief to start treatment and get cycle 1 under your belt so you know what to expect. I do find that my side effects do seem to vary and change ...just to keep me on my toes. Like you for the first couple of days after chemo I have seemed to be full of life and thinking this is all a breeze but the last couple of cycles have wiped me out straight away! Who would be without gloves, scarves, hot Ribena etc. Take care, keep positive and lots of love. :x::x: