Stage 4 bowel cancer



Hello everyone, I am back after along time, just being busy trying to adjust my life with this ilness. Please read my profile for update. And I hope everyone is coping well.

Bear G

Great news on your latest scan @Sele2017
Long may your treatment successes continue!!


Thanks@bear g. Weldone to you too. What a wonderful news for you. :x:


Hi @Sele2017 Gosh you have been through a lot. Really good to read your scan results, and that your treatment is working long may it continue.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:


Thank you @kim74.:x::x:


Hello from me too @Sele2017. You have certainly been through a lot! Your latest profile update made for happy reading and long may the great response continue for you :x::x:


Thank you @memo, we just have to be positive to beat this disease! I will fight it to the end!


Sort @ mem

Beck R

Good news with the shrinkage. I’m on same treatment as you and it’s been working well :)


Hi @Beck R , it's nice to know the chemo is working, the problem I am facing at the moment is fatigue! Do you suffer with it too?