Stage 4 bowel cancer


Scan.....and results phobia

Hubby had scan this week and results next Tuesday.Already feeling sick with anxiety .......How do we cope with trying to live normally with this black cloud hanging over us? I work in a bank and today a customer said could she have a balance and a "smile ".Felt like giving her a list of reasons why I didnt feel like smiling, hubbys cancer, lost my mum recently, had to have my 20 year old cat put down but just gritted my teeth and carried on.Just feel exhausted by the worry of results.


@Mandy.. I know what you mean. It's difficult to try and be constantly 'upbeat' when the reality is that you could scream. Iv been having a low day today worrying about a scan I need in Nov but I try to keep myself busy to distract my mind. Not always easy now I'm off work. If I start looking too far ahead I have a word with myself and tell myself to take one day at a time. Not easy but looking too far ahead and worrying about scans and results takes the present away from us I think. If hubby is having a good day then try to think of the positives of the day and focus on the good. When you have a customer who wants to make such comments just try to rise above it... they have no idea of your circumstances and expect staff to be at their 'beck and call'. I think I would have curled my lips up slightly whilst cussing under my breath. Don't let their ignorance affect your day. We are all in this together and these are just my ways of coping ... I'm sure others here will say how they cope. Thinking of you and hoping for the best results for your husband and yourself. Also sorry about your recent losses. Take care. Joy :x::x:


Oh @Mandy, I feel your pain! It's just the most horrible feeling waiting for scan results and there's no amount of reassurance can take that worry away! You know the drill though, keep busy and distracted until Tuesday and big deep breaths before you go in for the results. You can do it! Sending lots of love and hugs, K ????❤️


Hey @Mandy - I know the feeling, a total stranger said to me the other day, "Smile, it can't be that bad".... ?
Wishing you all the very best for your husband's scan results, we're all here with you :x::x::x:


Hello @Mandy

I can only empathise with you over scan results as a lot can be riding on the outcome like surgical intervention. Similarly I am awaiting a scan in 9th October and subsequent results, and I work too and one thing when I'm dealing with cancer patients is that I can see their point of view. On the phone to patients with cancer I always reassure them and sort everything out quickly, I prescribe whatever they need without hesitation. It's a difficult issue I tend to cope by having a sense of acceptance and see what else can be offered, such as I'm worried about possible spread to my caecum but hope and pray t's not.

I would say that scan results could be seen as positive as it can prevent unnecessary surgery, help plan appropriate treatment. In that context chemotherapy, immunotherapy and scans are diagnostic tools to guide planning future therapy.

So good luck positive and healing thoughts :x::x::x:


Hi @Mandy , it's sometimes impossible to deal with this positively for some of us. You have to beware of being too anxious or low though and seek medical advice if you do. It's a horrible feeling and we can certainly empathise. It won't ease until you get the results I'm afraid and I really hope it ends up well for you and your partner. Lots of love. Angie :x:


Hi @Mandy, I know the feeling, try and occupy your mind with lots of things to do! And I hope it will end up well. All the best!:x::x:


Results are in.Clear scan all bloods fine, so pleased, thought I was going to vomit in the waiting area just get so stressed.

Polly 1

Wonderful news @Mandy :x::x:


Amazing news @Mandy! I'm delighted for you both! K ????❤️

El Ivan

Yay! Great news @Mandy ?


Brilliant news @Mandy :x::x::x::x::x:


@Mandy that is fantastic news!!! :x:


That is great news @Mandy :x::x:


Great news so please for you both @Mandy :x:


So pleased @Mandy

(Someone said to me 'Smile, it might never happen!' I told him it already had and that I had just been diagnosed with cancer......I bet he has never, ever said it since!)


Brilliant news @Mandy so pleased for you :x::x: