Stage 4 bowel cancer


Bone scan

My GP is organising a bone scan for me, as he is concerned that I may have osteoporosis.
Does anyone know whether such a scan can pick up cancer spread?


Hello @Alva

You are probably being referred fox a dexascan which looks only at bone density. Don't think it is an appropriate diagnostic tool for bone tumours. At best if you are osteoporotic then you maybe prescribed calcium 500mg/ colecalciferol 400iu one twice daily and assuming no renal function problem alendronic acid 70mg once weekly. Bone metastases probably need CT/MRI scans.

Hope all goes wellxxx


Good luck with the scan


Thanks @GD1962 @chrissie will keep you posted


Hi @Alva, I think you are probably having a density bone scan. I have recently had a lot of aches and pains and to check for spread to my bones I was sent for a neuclear bone scan. You have to be injected with the dye and wait for 3 hours for the bones to absorb the contrast, and fast 6 hours prior to the scan. If you haven't been told this it is likely that they are looking at your bone density only. Diane :x::x:


Thanks @DianeS I haven't had the details yet so will wait and see