Life with bowel cancer


Can I go home now please?!

Sitting in a and e, the out of hours triage people told me to come up as I had a temp. Got here at 11, triaged within minutes but now still waiting for the doctor at 1.45am.... the triage nurse has actually told me my bloods look ok so I think they will just send me home. So tired now!!!!


Morning @Swanseacat so sorry to hear you have had to go to A and E but you have done the right thing as it's always best to get a temperature checked out. Hope you are home safely will text you. Love D :x::x::x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat hope you are home & tucked up in bed now, you did the best thing getting checked out, hoping you have a peaceful Sunday.

Sending love :x:

Bear G

Sending hugs @Swanseacat
Hope you're ok


Thank you @Trinity @Bear Gn @DianeS literally the doctor came as soon as I typed that! All fine and back in bed by 2.15. :x::x:

Bear G

Great news. Have a lovely snoozy day :x::x:


Good to hear :x::x:


Hope your Ok, I thought that card thing they give you says you must get seen within 1hr!!! Hope your ok now. :x:


Poor you @Swanseacat I hope you got home and got at least some sleep! My wife rang the out of hours people a couple of nights ago after we found some odd bruising on my arm late at night, but thank goodness we didn't have to go in as we were due to see the oncologist the next day anyway. Otherwise I know that would have been me! I'm half way through cycle 1 right now so we're twitching at everything. No fun, this game...