Stage 4 bowel cancer


Growth in lymph nodes and Seminal Vesicles post Chemo

Hi All
Hubby had 18 months of chemo for Metastatic Bowel Cancer (complicated cancer history- details in my bio) and then for one scan 3 months post treatment had no evidence of disease. We were thrilled but sadly latest scan shows growth in lymph nodes in his mediastinum and also increased size to seminal vesicle. They are not going to treat at moment but want to wait and see what next scan shows. We know he will need chemo in future. Struggling to cope as presumably the next scan will show progression. 4 years this month since diagnosis which is amazing- 5 year survival is such a magic number - I am finding it all very emotional at present. Sorry for ramble but wondered how others cope with knowing the scans are showing growth but not treating. Hubby is very well at the moment- not working but his health is good. I seem to be the one wobbling :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Sarah44
Please don't beat yourself up for wobbling! Completely understandable and I often think it must be harder for partners going through this than the person with the problem!
I'm also heading towards my 5th anniversary since a stage 4 diagnosis so in a similar situation to your hubby.
Late last year my scan showed evidence of activity in lymph nodes and the conclusion was to 'watch and wait', the nodes were active on consecutive scans and then were clear. I'm not saying this will definitely happen but that's why they aren't doing anything for now, sometimes the body dies amazing things!
Earlier this year I had a nodule show up in my lung which they zapped by ablation and my scans are currently clear.
Modern active management of metastatic cancer has come a long way, please trust in his team, try not to worry too much and have lots of fun together!
Big hugs


Just saying 'hello' @Sarah44

Do listen to Bear, he knows exactly what things are like!

I think it is the ongoing, relentless plod that gets to us sometimes. Perhaps you could think of some ongoing plans such as counselling to help you cope?

So sending lots of sympathy and hopes for some good news from the next set of tests.


Hello @Sarah44

Ditto @Bear Gn is very experienced and been through the mill, so keep in mid his sage advice. Just saying hello we are here for you, hugs and prayers all goes well :x::x::x:


Hi @Sarah44 agree with what others have said and it's great that Bear has some positive news to share with you. We will all be keeping our fingers crossed for your dear hubby, and are here for you whenever you need to chat. Diane :x::x::x::x::x:

david watt

Hi @Sarah44, sorry stressful times. Just curious who your husbands oncologist is, am also being treated at general. Main two consultants I have seen regarding colon cancer are rees and iverson. Rees is part time and is in charge of my treatment.


Hi @david watt he has Andrew Bateman who has been really good. We trust their decisions as he brings any decisions like this to their MDT but it is stressful. I think you may be a teacher at St Anne's? Both my girls go there and love it- they have been amazing support for our family. I hope you are ok- I know there was some fund raising for treatment for you? Sarah

Alan C

@Sarah44 It's tough hearing you have to face another recurrence. Just sending my best wishes to you and your husband. I hope everything goes well. :)

david watt

@Sarah44 OK, not had appointment with Bateman but seen him in c3 while waiting to see my oncologist. Bateman has room 1, iverson room 2 and my oncologist room 3. I have been a teacher there 13 years or so. They did some fundraising which was nice, and lots of ex pupils donated to my two crowd fundraising campaigns, without immunotherapy the average life expectancy for my type of cancer is 6 to 7 months according to oncologist I saw in London. It's good that they enjoy school. Best wishes David


@Sarah44 just to say that you are not alone with this pain. My prayer for today is that Hubby gets better and things get better again. Some times these things become stable again - so here is hoping !!
xxx here is a hug for you - you deserve it


Thank u all so much for your lovely words and thoughts. Some wise words :x::x:


Hi @Sarah44 I'm sorry to hear of your hubby's recurrence. Sending love & best wishes to you both :x::x::x:


hi @Sarah44 it must be so horrible knowing you are well past the half way mark towards the magic 5 years and wham!! It hits you again! It's just so blinking relentless isn't it?! I really do feel for you both. I also agree that knowing the cancer is growing and having no treatment is also scary and very frustrating I'd imagine. I got very jittery towards the end of my six month break from chemo in order to have two major ops. I couldn't wait to start back on it! As it happened, the baseline scan showed a further 4 new small liver mets ?? anyway, picked ourselves up, dusted down and on we go! Sending lots of love and strength to you both K ????❤️