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Scan/Colonoscopy Update

Hello fellow forumites – I hope you are all doing well,and finding your way round the new forum layout! I thought I would give you quick update, because as I mentioned on @springer michelle thread, my 1st year after op checks were due and I had them last week. I had bloods taken the Friday before, CT scan on Monday and colonoscopy last Friday. (very interesting experience doing that wonderful bowel prep for the colonoscopy with a permanent stoma!) Apart from the usual scanaxiety we all go through, I was worried about having the colonoscopy via my stoma but in fact it was okay. Anyway I’m pleased to say that everything has come back clear, my bloods show that I’m slightly anemic but they generally do as I have what is known as thalassemia trait which is hereditary and is generally described as follows 'those that carry the genetic trait for thalassemia do not usually experience any health problems except perhaps a mild anaemia' My suvellience protocol will be bloods in 6 months, (although this may be 3 as surgeon said he wants to keep an eye on the anaemia) and a CT this time next year. Needless to say we were absolutely delighted with the outcome but never takes things for granted because as I have seen this awful disease is just so unpredictable.

Anyway gang, that's the latest from me, I’m off out for a pint now!!- hope you or your loved one treatment is going as planned –, take care and all the best - cheers Ron :x::x:


Hi Ron @palace1960 I'm absolutely chuffed for you, and hope you enjoy your well deserved pint.such brilliant news love Diane :x::x::x::x:

springer michelle

A well done Ron . I'm so happy for you. E joy yr pint. Xx so many on here have jad good results :x::x:

Lady B

Aw @palace1960 that is fantastic news, so pleased for you :x::x:


Fantastic news @palace1960 ?! Enjoy a few pints! You have definitely earned it ? :x::x:


Great news @palace1960 - now for that pint!


Hi @palace1960

Marvellous news and long may it continue to be so....:x::x::x:

Bear G

Great news @palace1960 - you've definitely earned that pint, enjoy!
Big hugs


Lovely news @palace1960. Cheers! ?:x:


Well done, dude!


Ah @palace1960 Fantastic news ? Sooooo pleased for you, hope you enjoyed your pint ? :x::x:


So delighted to read such positive news @palace1960 I'm sure that pint went down well! ? All the best! K ????❤️


Fab news a
@palace1960 , you deserve that pint! Enjoy.