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How many stoma bags?

I placed an order for my supplies and when they finally arrived this weekend there were only 10 bags - clearly an error - I change my bag each day and need a few extra for leaks etc. but it got me wondering how many weeks supply people normally get. My previous order was enough for 2 months but I've only had 3 deliveries so far and the first was arranged by my stoma care nurse so I'm still learning the ropes.
How many bags would you normally get each prescription/delivery?


Hi @Seashells

I do the prescribing for stoma bags and agencies usually give boxes of 30 in most cases. I send the script back via post or electronic prescribing. Get back onto the agency or chemist asap and get the script altered.

Take care :x:


Thanks @GD1962 I figured at least 30 is reasonable but when I get blood pressure tablets my GP gives 8 weeks supply. The rate I go through bags can be unpredictable unlike tablets. I think I need to stock up a bit! I'll give them a call tomorrow. So many issues with the delivery this time, wrong house, wrong day and not enough bags. These little things do stress me out when I'm trying to manage Chemo ☺

Catherine Blakeney

I used to get 2 boxes of 30 each month along with the medical adhesive spray remover x2 cavilon barrier wipes 1box and complementary wipes along with scented disposal bags. I had a company supply and just used to call them each time put my order in and they took care of the requesting from the gp and delivered no problems the name escapes me but I'll trawl back through my emails and find it for you @Seashells

Lucy Darley

My husband registered withColoplast right after his op in July 2016, they are wonderful, I give them a ring every two months, I always tell them what he needs and they are usually with us within 5 days, they will also cut the bags to the size he requires they will also give advice if needed they have helped us many times, hopethis helps, Lucy.


Thanks @Catherine Blakeney @Lucy Darley . I do the same, call them up and they arrange a delivery date which should be straight forward. However this time I got someone who was a new employee. I was changing my bag type due to leaks and itches and it was the first time I'd asked for them to be pre cut so not quite straight forward as might have been. There was a call back regarding the cut size and should have been another for the delivery delay. She asked about wipes etc. and it never even occurred to me to ask how many bags she was sending until a box arrived, via my neighbours (don"t get me started on delivery drivers round here). Loads of wipes, disposal bags, but only 10 stoma bags - hence the question. I will be calling them later and I don't particularly want to change supplier or anything. It is helpful to know that a couple of months supply is a reasonable request. Thank you. :x:


@Seashells hello, what a nightmare with not getting as many stoma bags as you normally receive. I totally relate. I always worry so much about having enough bags just in case. I too receive 30 bags each time. I have two stomas so 30 of each plus all the sprays, waste bags and wipes. I hope you can sort out an additional order soon. Lots of love :x::x:


@Seashells hi yes we get used to get a regular supply - then the doctors cut it down. So I wrote to them explaining how they are used. No problems since. We keep a months supply to reserve in a grab bag - already to take if we are out.
At present we have slowed down Fittleworth from reordering as we are building up a little stock. So we play fair with the surgery and they play fair with us.
You defo need extras cos the little stoma can get spitty
Xxx Hans


@Seashells hi, if you are worried you are going to run out of bags call your stoma nurse she/he will give you box. I had the same issue and they left some for me at reception :x::x:


Thanks @Naomi6861 - all sorted now, I received 50 bags in Friday. ☺


Hi @Seashells Glad to hear you have sorted out your supplies. I keep a box of 30 in stock but always seem to run out of the complimentary bags/dry wipes. I am not sure if you are aware but I got special vests and knickers free on prescription which are great if you wear fitted clothes. I do my ordering through Charter and they are very efficient and speedy delivery. Havnt had an incorrect order yet. :x::x::x: