Stage 4 bowel cancer

david watt

Scan results classified as stable

Hi, very relieved ? not felt good past few weeks so quite surprised scan says stable although a few bits are smaller and nothing new. A bit annoyed they have never mentioned anything on lungs and scan report says a benign bit on lung since 2016, but still greatful and heading off to church.


That's very good news @david watt


What a relief for you @david watt you have been so worried. I really pleased for you.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:


Hi @david watt. Super results.
That is 8 months now on keytruda and it's a job well done so far.
Proof that your effort to self-fund the drug has paid off.
Keep doing whatever you and your medical team are doing.

david watt

Thanks all for the support. 10 months now on keytruda and should get another 3 cycles provided side effects don't get worse. So should take me to early December for next scan. Best wishes to all and hope things get better. Still praying for miracle cures.

Lady GT

Well that's just great news @david watt .
You are a trail-blazer!
Now, put all those worries behind you for a few weeks at least. Congratulations. :x:


Great news so pleased for you @david watt :x:


So pleased for you , long may it continue :x::x:


So pleased to hear your news @david watt


@david watt Delighted t hear your news. Really hope you feel lifted. :x::x::x:


Sounds like pretty good news to me @david watt. You keep it going :x::x:


Absolutely loved reading that scan report @david watt! Just amazing! I hope you can enjoy some good times and put the worries of the last few weeks behind you for now. Sending all my very warmest wishes your way! Karen ????❤️

Polly 1

Great news :x::x:

Kathy L

We all love to hear news of good scan results! :x:

david watt

For those interested in the immunotherapy side of treatments the link below will explain who it may benefit:
It is only beneficial for those who are MSI high and that represents maybe 10% of colon cancers I think, and of those maybe 66% respond well.
It is already free from the NHS for skin and lung cancers and the NHS was supposed to make the decision in September to make it free for certain types of colon cancer but that has not happened as far as I am aware. On this forum there is only 1 other person I am aware of who is also on immunotherapy. In the USA there are thousands of people on these kind of treatments. At present in UK these treatments are only available on clinical trials or paying £4000 plus every 3 weeks if you are MSI high.

Bear G

Always great to see news like this, congratulations @david watt
And good to see more good results with Keytruda!


@david watt this is fantastic news fella! Go celebrate! Xx LY