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Chris RW

Infected rectal mucous from rectal stump

Hi all,
I have an end colostomy and know that you still produce rectal mucous from the remaining rectal stump (especially when you pass urine).
About 10 days ago however my mucous turned a brown colour and smelt bad. I saw my GP and he's gave me a swab and said to take a sample next time it happened as it sounded like it was infected.
I'm currently undertaking another round of chemo because of a reacurrance.
I was just wondering if anyone out there had had a similar experience of infected mucous? And wonder what causes it?


Bear G

Hi @Chris RW
Sorry to hear this. I can't help directly but am tagging @Charlotte Nurse Advisor to see if she can give you some info and support.
Big hugs

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Chris RW (thank you @Bear Gn for the tag)

It is possible to get severe inflammation and infection in the rectal stump. When the bowel is diverted the 'redundant' rectal stump can become inflamed simply because it is not doing the job it is supposed to do. This is a condition called diversion colitis.

If the inflammation (colitis) becomes severe the discharge can be copious and quite odorous. This is often treated with suppositories or enemas which contain a mild steroid or anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the inflammation.

Do mention this to your oncologist and he or she may refer you to a colorectal surgeon to assess the stump to see what is going on.

With kindest regards,


Chris RW

Thank you. My GP sent a swab off on Monday so I'm waiting to get the results. I saw my oncologist yesterday and mentioned it. So will just have to see what treatment is recommended after the results of the swab.