Stage 4 bowel cancer


LIving Donor Liver Transplants


I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of living donor transplants.

I know that cancer patients wouldn't normally qualify for a place on the transplant waiting list, but what if there was a willing living donor for a specific cancer patient?

Hubby and I are matching tissue/blood types (he's AB+ and I'm A-) and I'm disgustingly healthy, albeit a few years older than they usually like transplant donors to be, and I'm more than willing for them to take as much of my liver as they need and give it to him, after all, it'll grow back in 12-16 weeks.

When I tentatively raised the matter at our first appt with a surgeon I was shut down cold, but I'm not sure he realised I was talking about myself as a donor.

I know it's probably grasping at straws, but it seems appalling that there's a fine, healthy liver here that would be a match for Hubs and the Drs won't even consider it.


Hi @Skywise, I have no experience of living donor transplants. You may already be aware if it, there is a clinical trial in France about liver transplants for people with unresectable bowel cancer. The people running the trial may be able to give you more information about options for you and your husband even if you arent eligible for the trial:


@ruthy Thank you so much for this info. I'll get right on it. ....... :x:


Hi @Skywise - I would love to know what they say. My husband also has unresectable liver tumours.. please do PM me if you get anything helpful.