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Feeling uncertain... Lung mets!

Hi, I've been reading for a while and finally plucked up the courage to post.
I've found it really hard to find threads that link to just lung mets, as many people seem to have liver mets or both. I finished 6 months of 'mopup' chemo, only to find on the follow up scan that 2 mets have appeared ( one in each lower lung) and 2 lymph nodes in medisternum (? Spelling!!) are also enlarged. I have had 3 months Folfiri which has reduced all areas and will continue for next 3 months, then reassess. I was initially told inoperable because it's on both lungs, but latest letter from consult has hinted surgery may be possible. I'm most concerned about the lymph nodes as although they have reduced in size, (they were actually larger than the the lung nodules) , can they be operated on? Removed? Or will the chemo 'get rid' of them? I suppose I'm looking for some positive stories to hang on to, as I've struggled with my diagnosis and need a bit of reassurance. Sorry for the ramble Px


Good morning @Polly68 and. Avery warm welcome to the forum! Glad you've made your first post too! I'm pretty sure you'll,find some helpful replies to your questions soon. The forum users are a great bunch of lovely people who absolutely 'get it' and full of information, advice and support in abundance! I don't have direct experience of lung mets so I'm not able to help on that one. I am on Folfiri and Cetuximab though and it's worked a treat for me making surgery possible and now, reducing my new liver mets significantly! Wishing you all good things as you.....including surgery if that's possible! Keep us posted.......! K ????❤️


Hi @Polly68 ,


Mark (hubby) had lung mets and one lymph node was affected after his surgery, so I probably can't help hugely. There will soon be lots of great help and advice though so hang on in there.

Sarah :x:


Hi @Polly68 a warm welcome from me. I’m glad you did pluck up the courage btw ?.
I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis and how it’s understandably making you feel.
The potential surgery sounds hopeful and in my non-medical understanding, chemo and surgery together, or either-or, can get rid of infected lymph nodes. It depends on the individual’s situation.
I also have lung mets and have had liver mets but never together. My Liver was successfully resected in 2014 and the lung ones popped-up in 2015. In total, I have had 8 nodules over both of my lungs and 7 have been dealt with via two sessions of radio/microwave ablation and two lung resections; I am due to have a third lung resection next month to get rid of number 8.
I was told at my last appointment if there is lymph involvement, then I would possibly need chemotherapy too. So as always, its a case of ‘wait and see’ what the surgery and biopsy results are .
I really hope the following 3mths of chemo continues to have a postive effect on your mets and if you’re able, please let us know how you’re getting on.
Sending love and wishing you the best of luck going forward :x::x:


Thank you for your replies - I've tried hard not to use google too much, and for a while it became my worst enemy with stats etc.. It's reassuring to know that there are treatments available for lung mets, and hopefully these lymph nodes will be dealt with too, it's the waiting to see what happens that's the hardest and not knowing for sure what's going to happen next. I struggle with grey areas, I like black and white, I can deal with definites but nothing about this is straight forward! I look and feel so well, and everyone keeps telling me how great I look ( obvs not as they think a person living with cancer should look) and that's hard too. When my pic line is covered under clothes I do at times forget and then get a jolt of reality, just one day when I can be the old care free me again would be so lovely! Not sure how to tag people. ? P x @mem @Baxter2@Sasa


In my opinion stats are beasts ? @Polly68. Like you, they did my head in too and I now avoid them altogether. There is no mention of any Marie’s or polly68’s in those figures, so nothing to do with us thankyou very much ?.
Hope you are feeling ok today and I see that you have managed to tag ok ☺️.
Lots of love :x::x: