Stage 4 bowel cancer

Lou Craig

2 years to live

hey all,

i just wanted some advice really and maybe some postive stories so i dont get too upset about my moms future.

she was diagnosed october 2016 with stage 4 bowel cancer since then the drs have said shes inoperable and its pallative chemo only.

she went onto folfox and after her 1st 3 month scan the tumours in her bowel and liver shrunk loads and her lung tumour became stable. the drs were really happy so decided to take my mom off oxaplatin due to the side affects and keep her on 5fu for another 3 months.

this treatment did nothing and the cancer got worse so they then put her back on the oxplatin folfox and then said as she didnt look well that the side effects were outweighing the good. They gave her a 4 week break and re scanned her and said the problem is the liver tumours are growing and the next chemo will be changed to folfiri but they then told my mom she has up to 2 years to live with this treatment.

can the drs be wrong? anyone had a good response with folfiri ?

Thank you.


Hi @ Lou Craig,

Mark was diagnosed Dec 2016 with stage 4, and given 3-6 months to live. He's on folfiri. 10 months later he is still here, doing loads of additional stuff and is going from strength to strength.

His onc has now said that he has 2 yrs, 3 tops which is a far cry from 3 months.

Once Mark had (reluctantly) begun chemo, he met with all the seasoned patients who were still going strong after 7+ years of treatment. And that was everyone we spoke to.

So I think that what they quote just covers them from lawsuits when they give hope when they were misplaced to do so. Your mum has a huge amount to contribute to her longevity, and remaining positive and engaged in her treatment pathway will do wonders.

You can help her with that too, and really engage her in her future.

All the best for you and mumsie

Sarah :x:


Hi @Lou Craig.
My mother had 12 cycles of folfiri on its own at the tail end of 2016 and start of 2017. It shrunk and held back all her liver mets. So much so she had a 4 month break from chemo over the summer which was brilliant.
She has now had 2 cycles of folfox and seems to be doing OK, touch wood.
My mother was told the median survival for someone with her spread of cancer was 2 years at diagnosis. She is 14 months on and in better physical shape than what she was just before diagnosis.
Like many on just take each day as it comes..believe in your medical team..and if you are in to knowing a guesstimated time frame..then the aim is to well exceed it!?


Good morning @Lou Craig and welcome to the forum! Hopefully you'll get a lot of great support, information and advice from the lovely forum users. You can read forum users profiles/stories by clicking on their usernames and hooefully this will give you lots of hope. The chemos you mention are commonly used so hopefully will be quite effective for your mum. I'm on Folfiri (modified de Gramont) and Cetuximab and have had 27 cycles so far with good effect. (See profile for more info) sending best wishes to you both! K ????❤️